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Symbols, messages from other dimensions ?
(By Ed Vos)


During a long time I see a lot of figures, faces, moving images and other things, before my minds eye. I didn' t actually pay attention to those views.

On a nice warm sunny day, in June 1995, somewhere in a garden, after all, I received such a strong symbol, that I had to go inside, to draw the symbol. The light-manifestation was so beautiful, so tremendous, so deep, and it all happened with my eyes closed ! At he same time, Nel, got the same symbol, however, the distance between us must have been al least 60 miles. I did not even know her ! By means of a lot of unexpected, miraculous coincidences, we came in contact with each other, in October 1997, two and a half years later. We made a reconstruction about the time we received the symbol, and it must be about the same time, that we received the symbol. Maybe it was exact the same time, but we do not know for sure. Anyway, as said, we did not even know each other, as we received the symbol. It should take a few years until we came in contact. The symbol I mean, is at the top left of the selected symbols , in the diagramm below. From our first contact, by telephone, the recognition was spectacular. and we believe that we are twin-souls. Our contact is very strong, and we have a enormous telepathic contact with each other. It al appears to be caused by the particular symbol, which brought us together, by means of a lot of unexpected coincidences. We are convinced, it has al be arranged for us.

But, what do those symbols tell us ?

We both have a lot of interest in cropcircles, metaphysics, other dimensions, and things that are connected with those items. A lot of people told us that in the symbols, you could recognise Rune's, Hieroglyphs, Sumerian signs, and so on. By the way, the symbols we gave you with this text, are a small extract from the total of symbols, we received, until now. The forms of the cropcircles are mystifying. In a lot of those circles, you can find the holy geometry. It is very easy, to make a connection between the cropcircles and in a way the symbols. Some symbols we received, seem to look like some cropcircles, or, anyway, parts of it. You could suspect, the symbols, and the cropcircles as well, might have a message for us. It is obvious, the cropcircles have a message. Even looking to pictures of cropcircles opens something in man's unconsciousness. Anyway, a lot of strange things happened in the circles. Failing apparatus, people who became spontaneously healed, but also people who became sick, or got headache. For as far as concerned to our symbols, we don' t know about this kind of items. But we do know, symbols have a tremendous power. Think about the seals (symbols) of king Salomon, or about those symbols that are used by Reiki , or other healing methods. Also magicians often use symbols.

Nel and I think our symbols seems to be a kind of language. Only the key has to be found.

It really is a pity, not every cropcircles is registered. You might think about it, to put them in a chronological order. Who knows what they than might tell us.

The last few years, the pleiades (consisting as a system of 7 stars) are in the picture. After all, there are a lot of channelled books, that were published. There might be a connection.
By the way, sometimes, our sun is called the 8th star of the pleiades-group. Further more, we have to deal with the phenomenon of "the 12th planet" , also called: "The planet behind the sun", which orbits the sun in 3600 years, in an extremely streched elliptical way. So it aproaches the sun "closely", and after that, it disappears in space. Zecharia Sitchin told about this in his book "The 12th Planet". He made a study from old Sumerian books and drawings, and he found out, there certainly must be a "12th planet", which he called Marduk. Barbara Hand Clow, told a likewise story in her book: "The pleiadian agenda", which was channelled to her. She calls the planet "Nibiru", and the people, or energies that exists there, were called the "Anunnaki" (Anu was the highest God of Sumer). They should have had a large influence to our planet for a lot of centuries. It might be possible, the source of the symbols, the cropcircles and other strange manifestations, is to be found at the pleiades, or this mysterious twelfth planet . It seems, scientists, do not ignore this theory anymore, because I heard, that a few scholars, will go to France, at 11-8-1999, to try to observe this planet, during the total solar eclipse.

There are a few people, that suggest, that in a few cropcircles the date 7-4-1999, is to be found. They think so, because of the planet constellation at that day. What the meaning of that day will be is not clear. In one of those cropcircles, the Earth is missing. Some people connect this fact, with a catastrophe, but it could mean everything. Because of my respect for Mother Earth however, I will see it positive. Thoughts are powers, so I will think positive, about the future of Earth. We, human beings have made mother Earth ill, for centuries, which seems to be clear, when you see al the natural disasters that happens all over the world. I will give my positive contribution to heal our planet.

Where do the symbols, cropcircles and other manifestations come from ?

Do they come from the Pleiades, the twelfth planet, or do they come from somewhere else ? Messages from other planets, or solar systems, agree with the Alien theory at least for a part, but is this really the source ? For cropcircles, the theory exists, it might be cosmic, or Earth energies, or an interaction between both. Another theory is that those symbols arising in crop, already, centuries or longer ago, were invisibly inplantaded in Mother Earth, and nowadays are activated, and visual shown, in our time.
Which forces, or energies are responsible for it, is not clear. we can only guess. Some people meditate on symbols, and those symbols really arise in cropcircles. There are also cropcircleinvestigators, that ask the circlemakers, to create a circle, during their presence. In the book: "A quest for contact", written by Andy Thomas, and Paul Bura, such experiments are clearly reported. Very often, light balls and other light phenomena's are to be seen during the making of the cropcircles, and also afterwards, if you go into a circle. There is not a clear explanation. Has it to do with devic forces, other nature forces ? It is all possible.

Maybe the symbols, Nel and I may receive, are coming from a far different source. From the cosmos, or Mother Earth perhaps ? Or, is everything connected with everything, and are al that strange phenomena's once coming together, and do we learn, what the meaning of all this, will tell
us ? Who knows the answer, may speak now!

I am open for all kind of suggestions. Without saying anything negative of science, I think, it is a pity a lot of inexplicable cases are not investigated, but are ignored, because, there is no explanation, so it simply doesn't exist. Very valuable is the work of the scientist Dr. L Levengood, and his BLT team in the USA They investigate cropcircle samples from all over the world. Might you have any suggestions or remarks, I would be glad if you would let me know.

(c) Ed Vos.


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Symbols, the language of the Light.

(by Ed Vos)

Seeing symbols before your third eye, drawing them on paper is very nice ofcourse. But why do you see them, what is the purpose, and what do they tell you ? You ask people about it, but you don’t get the solution. Until the moment is there, and you get the answer by "coincidence"

Busy times

We are living in a busy and exciting times. I know I am certainly not the first one to say so, but it is my personal experience. It seems that occurrences, and so called coincidences are coming quicker and quicker. In an earlier article "Symbols a Cosmic language ?"I wrote about the fact Lennie and I saw the same symbols, although we did not know eachother. A couple of years later, we became in contact, arranged by one particular symbol. A very nice friendship was a fact. Ofcourse we talked a lot about symbols, spiritual, metaphysics, and other items that keeps us busy. All our interests appeared to be the same, and are we telepathically connected. Very funny all this stuff, but it still doesn’t tell us about the "Why" of the symbols. A clairvoyant once told me the solution would be there in about two years. Actually, that really was about two years ago when he told me this.


I got a lot of reactions on my earlier article about those symbols, however, the ultimate solution wasn’t beyond them. However……. A man called Andre wrote me a reaction. He just half read, and knew he had to write me. We became in contact, and I did send him an excerpt from the hundreds of symbols had received until that moment. Feeling those symbols, Andre received their meanings. Some symbols should heal, others should make contact with other planets, or Ascended Master more easily, and others weren’t activated yet. On intuition I myself already knew in some way they could heal. But what about that language? In our inner feeling, Lennie and I knew we had to deal here with a language. The explanation of the separate symbols was very beautiful, But the story of the symbol language was not yet at its and, not complete. We were convinced about that !


As already told in the earlier article, in an English cropcircle we met a Danish woman. Her was predicted, during her vacation (1999) she would met people who had something to do with symbols. So, that were Nel and I! Her was also given a specific symbol, by her clairvoyant. The very same symbol that brought Nel and myself together ! Than I thought "funny, nice", but what does it tell us, what is the message ? Anyway, Kirsten and her husband were very nice people, and later on we had a conversation with them in "The Barge Inn" the ultimate cropcirclepup, and we became friends. But what had the symbol to do with it, what was its function ? We had no idea. After all, you can also meet nice people everywhere, and become friends, without a symbol.

Norma Milanovich

During our conversations, Kirsten asked us if we knew Norma Milanovich. But, we had never heard about her. Norma was a very good friend of Kirsten, and lives in the USA. On a certain moment, she got a message. She had to go to her computer to write channelings, but Norma ignored it time after time, because she is a very busy woman, and didn’t like it at all.

After a few days however, she took place behind her computer, and began to write. She got messages from the Ascended Masters. A nice story, but we really had never heard about her.

There are such a lot people that channels nowadays, I thought….The day after, we were in that pub again (Our tent was on their campingplace), we found a channelling from Norma in a box, full of magazines etc. We liked the text very much, so I translated it later on, for my Dutch friends. What a "coincidence"! It were all assignments as it is clear nowadays but at that time we did not know that. But how about those symbols, and why did we met Kisten by means of "our symbol"

About a year ago Nel followed a course, and met a women, who called her after a long time, for asking the telephone number of someone else. That phonecall became a conversation, and she asked if we knew Norma Milanovitch. What we felt at hat moment !

She advised us to read that book, called "The Light shall sat you free"(only a few months available in Dutch), and however expensive, and still a lot of books unread, we immediately bought it, we felt it was necessary. As we got the book, al pieces of the jigsaw fitted together.

The symbols, the meeting with Kirsten, the woman that called, the enigma was untied.

The book

The book was written by Norma (and Shirley Mc Cune) because of the messages Norma channeled from the Ascended Masters, such as Kuthumi, Sananda, St. Germain, etc. The messages tells us especially about the great shift from the third into the fifth dimension.

Very important for me in solving my symbol-problem, is that what was about (The language of the Light".

The language of the Light

For a good understanding of the fifth dimension, it is necessary to have a good description of the language of the light, the authors say. It should be a complicated higher form of communication, with which, the Ascended Masters can give messages to reincarnated initiated people, and it is also the kind of communication, which is used as Mother Earth is in the fifth dimension.

The language of the Light, is a coded language, by means of symbols, coming from the seventh dimension, which is coming to us by means of Light streams, coming out of the Christ-consciousness. The language consists of geometrical figures such as circles, triangles, squares spirals, cubes, tetrahedrons, lines, harts, stars, etc. The language connects Lightworkers, and gives them the keys and codes to complete their Lightwork on Earth in a good way. The symbols can be received in several way, mostly in the unconsciousness during the sleep, or in visions. The frequency of the Lightworker is very important to receive this energy from the Ascended Masters, coming from the Lightgrid around the world. The higher the frequency, the easier and the more symbols can be received. Mostly the information comes in several lives. This Light-language (symbols) influences our consciousness, the Lightbody, and the understanding of other realities. All geometric figures of the Light-language, are an expression of the celestial power. Do we have blockades, the language of the Light, cannot reach us, or only very difficult, and do we heave to clean up those blockades, to make our frequency higher. The language of the Light is based on resonance, Higher symbols for that reason, can only be received by people, having the appropriate frequency. The number of symbols that can be received in this live, depends on the quality of experiences the soul had in earlier lives, the ability of a person to deal with changes, en the quantity of Light one has made his own. To receive the symbols, a permission must been given on soul level, and it seems, a lot of people receiving the symbols are incarnations from ancient Atlantis. The are incarnated now, because this time look very much the same as in Atlantis. Those old Atlantiers will be the first wave of ascension , and are forerunners, according to the authors. That first wave will place a electromagnetic grid around the earth. All Ascended Master are involved with this language, especially the group of Melchisedek.

You will certainly understand how glad I was as I read about this. It was a confirmation, of what I knew for many years deep inside.

The singular symbols

But what about the messages as Andre received them, the symbol meanings I told you before?

The one thing doesn’t exclude the other. In fact, everything is energy; a frequency. In our daily communications we use our language to tell something to others. But we mostly not conscious of the fact, every character has his own vibration, and a numerological number. There are also therapies, working with characters and words, such as ondovit. It is the same with the symbols Lennie and I receive. Every symbol has a frequency of its own, and the total of symbols are the language of the Light. Communication shall be changed shall become more and more telepathic. We are glad to receive them at this moment. Later on in the fifth dimension we shall communicate more telepathic.

Maybe it will take some time before we are used to it, keeping our mouth closed



On mai 17th 2008 Ed gave a lecture during a symposium at the FGK (Forum Grenswissenschaften und Kornkreise) in Germany.
He was the first lecturer that day. Their also was that 10 years old girl Alicia. After all lectures we had that nice conversation after the symposium late that evening. Alicia drawed that  symbol that meant and means so much for Nel and Ed. After that lecture of Ed (He was the first lecturer that day) many others followed. Amazing is, Alicia, after experiencing so much impressions that day, just draw that very symbol, although many hours were between the lecture of Ed and the moment Alicia draw that picture. Obviously, the symbol made a great impression on Alicia.


Her drawing:



Thanks a lot Alicia, for your beautifull drawing.
Great you allowed us to put it on our website