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Symbols of René Franken


Mister Franken from the city of Bergen op Zoom (The Netherlands) posted us the symbols below.
We thank Mister Franken for posting them, and his allowance to publish them on this website


René visited this website and the symbols made an impression on him. He doesn't has an explanation for them, but that they tell us something is clear. See the other articles about symbols on this website. We received the symbol drawing in june 2009. 7 years after he drew them during a creative therapy in a spontaneous way. He drew them in a very fast way. He regards the symbols as being in balance, and that is our opinion as well. Remarkable is the great amount of circles that are to be seen by almost every of the 96 symbols. Only 3 of them don't have that circles. We (Nel and Ed) recognize a lot of our symbols and do they look about the same, but without those circles.







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