Crystal Skulls

By Ed Vos

However my girlfriend Nel and I are open for new discoveries and points of view, especially where it concearns alternative, esoteric and frontierscience, the Crystal Skulls didn't tell us that much (yet)

March 12th 2011 there should be that Skull symposium in Maarssen, organised by www.crystalskullcenter.com in collaboration with www.purityevents.nl

Involved by the organasition more people were involved, some of them  I know personaly. For that reason it was rather "predictible" I was invited  to be the photographer for that day. (My proffession for over decades)



Nel and I travelled in the early morning of march 12th 2011 to the Pim Jacobs theatre in Maarsen (Netherlands) where the Skull symposium should took place.

Still we didn't feel that special "something" about Skulls, although read a lot about them, but went open minded to that symposium.

Beeing rather blanc towards this fenomenon, this soon should change............

Following the symposium the importance of the Crystal Skulls became clear to us. Besides our host for that day, Jolanda Klaasen, Joshua Shapiro was the second host.

Joshua Shapiro and his partner Katrina Head should spent some days with us.
Joshua and Katrina  are the keepers of many Skulls, inckluding the very famous "Portal de Luz" (Portal of Light), carved by Leandro Souza from Brasil who was present on that Dutch symposium as well.



Portal de Luz
An example of a new skull


Present and giving lectures on that symposium besides Joshua and Katrina were:

Gina O' Connor (USA); Bart Peters (NL); Jaap van Etten (USA); Leandro da Souza (Brasil); Rhian Gibbings (UK); Sherry Witfield (USA) Light of YODH (Danielle Koestal NL); Sylvia van Dinter (NL); Monica Jarilha (NL). Richard van Rijswijk (NL)

The lecture of Jaap van Etten made a lot clear to us. For instance he spoke about that several levels Skulls can work. That made it quite clear to us. That was just our "missing link", for making our Jigsaw (puzzle) complete

At that very moment we immediately were totally convinced about the importance of the Crystal Skulls and their meaning to mankind, as well as the message they carry and now, as well in future wil inform, and collaborate with us.

We both, Nel an I got two Skulls on our path that invited us to be their gaurdians, their keepers. We gladly took their invitation to be with us!
To be one with both of us!


Skulls Nel & Ed

During the symposium called: "The Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls" Netherlands part 1,
there was the opportunity for keepers of Skulls to connect all Skulls together to have that exanche of information between the Skulls.
Many keepers put their Crystal children into that circlen of exchange.



Unbelievable to see how many Skulls gathered, became in contact with eachother and shared informations

As Joshua and Katrina were our guests for two days, we got the possibillity to enjoy their Skulls (and those of ours) and to photograph them



And ofcourse the Skulls were taken out for enjoying that great (Dutch) Spring sun!

Untill sofar my story


Mail van Joshua Shapiro:

Hi Brother Ed

I am being guided to send you a 3 part article
which as I finish each part you can begin to translate (Ed Vos, In Dutch)

part I - a definition and introduction
part II - history and what crystal skulls exist
part III - Theories about the Skulls and How they can help our World

thanks for this opportunity



During writing this website I received Part 1 of Joshua

What are the Crystal Skulls?
( and why are they important for the future of Humanity? )
R. Joshua Shapiro
a crystal skull explorer

Part I: A Definition – What are the Crystal Skulls?

(Author’s Note: - This article will be done in three parts to discuss the crystal skulls, one of the world’s greatest mysteries.  Ed Vos, the owner of this website had asked to write an article to help the visitors of his site better understand the crystal skulls.  We will do our best to give a good overview of different aspects through this series of articles.  If anyone has any specific questions or you have had some special experiences with the crystal skulls you wish to share, please feel free to contact us (I work with my partner Katrina) – our contact information is provided at the end of this article.)

These days many people are hearing about, or talking about the “Crystal Skulls”.  Prior to the release of the last “Indiana Jones” film in 2008, there weren’t many people knowledgeable or even interested in crystal skulls.  But now, the topic keeps coming up, I know because I am a “Crystal Skull Explorer”.



Crystal Skull Explorer Joshua Shapiro, holding the                 
 crystal skull known as "Portal de Luz"

       Crystal Skull Explorer Katrina
Head, also holding
   "Portal de Luz"



Hello, my name is Joshua Shapiro and for 28 years (since April of 1983) I have been linked to one of the world’s greatest mysteries which the public knows as the “Crystal Skulls”.  It was never my intention to be involved with this mystery but after I had contact with what I believe is a very old amethyst quartz skull which is known as “Ami” in 1983 – my life has never been the same again.  So I will act as your host and do my absolute best job to explain in as simple terms as possible what the “Crystal Skulls” are and why they are a key ancient tool returning now to help Humanity create a positive and peaceful future.


First a definition …


A Crystal Skull is as the name or term implies a skull shaped object (like a human bone skull) that is made out of crystal.  Initially prior to the mid-late 1990’s, this material of crystal referred to quartz crystal but now crystal skulls are being made in every type of gemstone and other type of material you can imagine.  For the purpose of this article I am going to focus on the quartz crystal skulls. 

Within the “Crystal Skull World” there are three types of crystal skulls discussed which was a definition created by the International Society of Crystal Skulls founded by F. R. ‘Nick’ Nocerino (deceased) in 1944.  These three types of crystal skulls are known as:


Contemporary or New Skulls – these are the crystal skulls which are being made by the modern carver using diamond tip tools (wheels and saws).  The main parts of the world that these modern skulls are being carved is China and Brazil but there are literally crystal skull carvers all over the world.  The sizes can range from as small as a marble, ones you can wear around your neck to ones over 100 lbs (45.36 kg) in weight.  The main type of quartz crystals which we have seen made into crystal skulls include:


amethyst quartz (purple or violet), citrine quartz (orange to brown), clear quartz (totally clear or possibly a bit cloudy with no color), rose quartz (pink) and smoky quartz (gray to black). 


The advantage to have one of the new skulls being made is that you can tell the carving sources the type of quartz you want, its size and weight and even its form – as not all modern skulls carve are a true rendition of a human bone skull (they range from a close approximation to stylized).


Old Crystal Skulls – an old crystal skull is a skull that has been carved over 100 years ago to 1000 / 2000 years ago (depending on which crystal skull researcher you speak to).  In general, the crystal skulls I have personally seen that I believe to be old, have a more primitive design in that the facial features are quite crude at times and the design the same.  Obviously the carver of the old skulls did not have advanced tools to shape the skulls – although we have heard from various carvers that there secret techniques carving families have passed down from generation to generation to allow them to carve in stone very realistic figures and objects.  An example of some of the public known crystal skulls which this author believes to be old would include:

The British Museum Crystal Skull in the British Museum in London (on display since 1898) and the Paris Crystal Skull in the Musee du quai Branley in Paris (on display originally at the Trocadero Museum since 1878 and then moved to the new museum in approximately 2006).  Also there is another interesting skull in the southeastern part of Texas called “Windsong” that its guardian the Petri family believes it to be an old skull although the spirit that lives in it is ageless.


picture of the British Museum Crystal Skull - which would
be an example of an old crystal skull - photo credit -
Zane Bonara-Bell


There are many crystal skulls we have seen coming out of Mexico that could be classified as old crystal skulls.  However, at the moment there is no precise way to know if a crystal skull is old or ancient (our last category) although F. R. “Nick” Nocerino said there was signs or aspect of the design of a crystal skull that would allow him to know. 


One way used to be used to determine the age of a crystal skull was if the creators left any tool marks (marks left by metal tools on the surface of the quartz).  It was stated if there were not any tool marks then the crystal skulls might be very old (or ancient).  However, we believe there must be other ways to determine the age of the creation of a skull (if this idea is even important) beyond just studying the surface or design.  We will discuss this later in this article.


Ancient Crystal Skulls – a crystal skull created more then 1000/2000 years ago by some process or means (perhaps unknown).  In the early days when I first started in the 1980’s, there were very few ancient crystal skulls publicly known or believed to be known.  Now since the 1990’s and beyond quite a number of so-called ancient crystal skulls have emerged.  So many ancient skulls are coming out now that the value of this type of skull is becoming less important we believe which I will explain in a moment.  Beyond ancient quartz crystal skulls (which include hollow skulls being discovered in Mexico), there are Mongolian Skulls (discovered in Mongolia and China of a different type of clear quartz purported), Jade Skulls and a number of other skulls found in China of all type of designs and different gemstones that are still a mystery to their histories.


Some of the near human size or larger crystal skulls that are thought to be ancient by various researchers include:


“The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love” (clear quartz, human size), “Max” (clear quartz, larger then human size), “Synergy” (clear quartz, larger then human size), “ET” (smoky quartz, human size) and “Ami” (amethyst quartz, a child skull) – there are a number of other skulls felt to be ancient but the ones listed her are the most well known and most have traveled with their guardians for people to have a direct contact with them.


picture of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull - an example
of an ancient skull - taken after research done with this
crystal skull for the Syfy Channel documentary in 2008,
permission by Bill Homann, photo credit: Joshua Shapiro



The question then becomes how important is it, whether a crystal skull is ancient or not?  When I first became involved with the crystal skulls there were only a few human size or larger crystal skulls that were known but now almost every year (even six months) we hear about new ones.  When we have spoken with (yes that is correct, once a crystal skull is activated it takes on a personality and has a name that reflects this essence) our own personal crystal skulls which are mostly contemporary ones but are very active, they tell us that the age of the crystal skulls (from when it was made) is not that important.  For each crystal skull has its own purpose and way that it works.  However, in a number of cases, just like the modern day computers share information with each other via the internet, when a new crystal skull sits with an old/ancient crystal skull, there is a transfer or information and energies (both ways).  So although the ancient skulls may contain special energies and knowledge from very ancient cultures (possibly more advanced then our own) – this does not mean they are more valuable then a new skull, which has encoded energies of today.  All the crystal skulls work together and in order to fully understand what the crystal skulls are about we must study them all.


So it might be a good idea, if you have never met a crystal skull before, to first work with one that has been created recently to know the electro-magentic energies linked to the skulls before you try to go in the presence of an ancient crystal skull which might have very intense energies.


The Original Crystal Skulls – as first discussed in the book by Morton and Thomas (“Mystery of the Crystal Skulls”) they discussed a legend told by various indigenous people about an original set of crystal skulls that once existed, purportedly 13 in number.  There is a big debate right now, amongst crystal skull researchers and guardians whether any of the known ancient human-sized skulls or large might be one of the “Original Crystal Skulls”.  It is the opinion of the author, based on his inner wisdom from the soul (so there is no outer proof of this) that none of the “Original Crystal Skulls” have publicly come out yet.  It feels as if the energy linked to these skulls is so high that we could not physically deal with these skulls.  However, there is a possibility that these skulls may be in the care of certain indigenous people (hidden to protect them) or that they exist in another dimension that is removed from our physical reality.


I have had a contact with a “Blue Crystal Skull” (transparent sky blue) which appears similar to the famous “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull” in that it seems (in my mind’s eye) to also look quite human like with a movable jaw.  This skull appeared to me when I was traveling into a mountainous area in Peru in 1987 while I was staying in a small home of a Peruvian Family for which I am a godfather for their daughter.  It seemed this skull (at least from the information I telepathically and inwardly received) existed in an area near a sacred lagoon in the mountains (near the border with Ecuador) and may still be hidden in a specific mountain peak. 

Now It is possible this skull may not be in the physical at present but is in another dimension.  Any way it told me only to call it “The Blue Skull” and that it had its own living consciousness and would decide when it was time to appear to humanity.  In an interview with medium Carole Wilson Davies for the book “Mystery of the Crystal Skulls”, she channeled while in the presence of the “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull” that “high up in the Andes Mountain will be found a skull of blue”.  We have had a few other people see the “Blue Skull” when I have asked it to come forward and I can see it around me, in my mind’s eye appearing in front of me to my left side at a 45 degree angle and above my head and it will come and sit on my right hand if I call.


I share this story about the “Blue Skull” only to give an example of contact other people have described with other crystal skulls that have not manifested publicly.  My sensing is that there are hundreds of other crystal skulls either being protected by indigenous people or waiting in other dimensions – that will come out as our world moves closer and closer to shifting into the 4th and 5th dimensions of physical reality.  Now whether there is the original set and it is 13 skulls – many people feel an affinity for this idea but it could be there are multiple sets of 13 skulls.  The Mayans for example discuss four sets of skulls – 52 skulls in total with each set having 13.  During a recent tour through Holland (March 2011) a person suggested there might be 208 sacred skulls or four sets of 52 or 16 sets of thirteen. 


The number “13” is important to humanity as it comes up related to many of our world religions.  The “Christ” and the twelve apostles or in Judiasm, the Levites (the Priests) and the twelve tribes of Israel.  And some suggest even in our solar system may exist 12 planets around our sun (two hidden by the light of the Corona of the sun and another planet behind Pluto).  Some have also suggested that there may be 12 special crystal skulls surrounding a 13th skull which would be a human skull.  Or if you believe in the existence of our world being “Hollow” – that there are 12 galactic civilizations or families that live on the inner surface of the earth who each have their own crystal skull with a crystal body and the 13th skull is the family of the other 12.  It is sure interesting and we believe as we move closer to the transformation of our world into a time of peace and harmony – more and more of this type of information will be revealed.


Conclusion for Part I:

I have tried in this brief article to define the crystal skulls as we understand them so far and what type of crystal skulls exist.  However, I can assure you the study of the crystal skulls is something that can take lifetimes and can not be done by one individual.  We salute all of the other people who have become crystal skull guardians and teachers to help share their own perceptions and experiences to help the public know these special crystal friends better.


Recently there have been several conferences and festivals held which either have a speaker or two sharing about crystal skulls or the whole event is linked to the crystal skulls.  Now it seems there are several events occurring each year.  This is a good sign because from my contact with the crystal skulls I have seen over the years (and I have no idea how many now – thousands of all types) they have given a consistent message which is shared via their guardians and that is:


They are a catalyst to awaken within humanity, our inner spiritual being and to remind us that to create world peace in our world only requires that we work together in cooperation, mutual respect and love.  This is the call the crystal skulls are making to all those who become involved with them – to let go of competition and ego and see how we can work together and become, as I share in a special song I have written (The Crystal Skull Theme Song which I play often at the public events I participate in) about the “ONE FAMILY”.


Now as we prepare for the second article, I will be discussing a brief history how the crystal skulls came out to the public’s attention and discuss the background of some of the special skulls which are known in the world.  So stay tuned!!


This is Joshua Shapiro, a crystal skull explorer signing off till the next time – in the meantime if you would like to know more about the crystal skulls we have some suggestions:


Our main website is located at:



On the website besides many articles we also offer a free e-book, a free newsletter and have various ways how you can get your own crystal skull.


Next, we have just joined forces with some of our friends in Holland (who we met when we toured in March, 2011) and there exists now an extention of our group which we call the Crystal Skull Explorers.

Our friends at Light of YODH in Almere (Jerry and Daniel with their partners Edwin and Hans) have agreed to become the Dutch representatives of the Crystal Skull Explorers – you can contact them through their website (as they offer crystal skull events from time to time) at:




Furthermore, your host for this website Ed  and his partner Nel, also will be a part of the Crystal Skull Explorers.  The key for our group is that we all are beginning to work together to share our collective knowledge and resources to share the crystal skulls with the public in the most powerful way (information with a chance for a personal experience).


Lastly, on March 12th, 2011 in Maarssen, at the Pims Jacob Theater was held a special crystal skull conference entitled as “The Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls, the Netherlands Edition 1”.  At the conference were several international speakers and special crystal skulls.  Due to the wondrous synergy and cooperation between the organizers, the speakers and the participant, the conference was a huge success.  Another conference is being planned for the early part of 2012.  To review information about the first conference and to hear news of the next please feel free to visit:


http://www.crystalskullcenter.com (in Dutch)

http://www.crystalskullcenter.com/indexe.html (in English)


Thank you for your kind attention and please feel free to contact us if we can answer any other questions.  Thank you Ed and Nel for this chance to share with the visitors of your wondrous website.


Peace and Light always


Joshua Shapiro with my partner, Katrina Head

Crystal Skull Explorers


Email: crystalskullexplorers@gmail.com

Skype: joshaushapiro17


Ed Vos:

part II - history and what crystal skulls exist
part III - Theories about the Skulls and How they can help our World

Will follow as soon as possible, and will be translated in Dutch as well

The enitire webpage will be available in English as well after a short time



© Ed Vos