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Cropcircles: Energetic places of power

(by Ed Vos)





During a lot of years, even centuries, all over the world strange "drawings" appear in crops, grass, other vegetables and even in snow or ice. Why do they appear, who are the cropcirclemakers, and what is the meaning of these spectacular figures.

During years I have been fascinated by this formations, and visited a lot of them in Holland and abroad. Especially in southern England the concentration is very high. But in 1996, The Netherlands had a good second position with almost 100 reported formations. Itís amazing how little is published in the press. And as they publish something, itís mostly about hoaxes, unfortunately it leads the attention away from this nice phenomenon. Offcourse, there are people that constructs cropcircles, but there are a lot more, not created by human hands. Apart from that, there also is scientific research on the cropcircles, by the in America living Dr. L. Levengood and his BLT team. Samples from all over the world are sent to his laboratory, and are researched there, for instance on changing of cellís, enlargement of the knots, and germ tests are done. The outcome is compared with the same research on the stems that have been standing outside the formation. The results are amazing. Does it concerns a hoax, than ofcourse this significant difference is not to be seen.



Experiences in cropcircles

The most strange and wonderful things can happen in cropcircles. People can be cured instantaneously, but there are also people getting sick in them. As wel as my partner, we mostly get a heavy feeling in our heads, a kind of pressure on our front head chakra

Just like others we feel like the weight of our body did decrease. Batteries of videoequipment, became total empty. After measuring, they came out on 0í00 volt.

In fact you should say itís electronically impossible, for shortly before the event charged new batteries. They couldnít be charched either, until after about a week

Other equipment sometimes malfunction too, like GSM telephones that doesnít work. I experienced it myself, my GSM did only function outside the cropcircle ones, although there was enough signal.

Also very strange is the experience of time. In England we walked into a formation, and met a man, just coming out. As we left the formation, we met him again, and he showed us aerial video shots, he just made of some formations in a one hours flight. Including the drive to the "airport", he must have been away for 2 hours or something. We thought we had been in the formation for about 20 or 30 minutes!

Itís also known about wristwatches, that they donít give the right time in cropcircles. Obviously, cropcircles do something with time and space. But what is the cause of all these thing?



Energies in the field

Entering the field (Iím not talking about hoaxes) there is a certain energy to be felt. Measurements from time to time, that the electromagnetic background radiation, is higher than the usual natural one. Also deviations with the compass are to be found, so one could conclude the cropcircles have their influence on the earth magnetism. The direction of the magnetism sometimes is different as in the field outside the formation. There are also some cases of dehydrated animals that were found in cropcircles. They seem to be so unfortunate they were in the formation on the moment it existed.

A lot of theories did come and go. At he moment the cropformations were simple circles, the plasmavortex theory, seemed to explain the phenomenon. During special whether conditions, local Twirl winds might flatten the crop. But, as the formations became more complicated, this theory couldnít explain the phenomenon any more.

Someone even thought copulating hedgehogs were responsible for the phenomenon, and you still can hear the theory about the alien intervention. One thing seems to be clear. Quite certain seems to be because of scientific research, the formation should appear, during a short period with high temperatures, just as in our microwave equipment .

In a formation in Zutphen (The Netherlands), a white powder was found, with an unbelievable high pureness of 99,9% crystal (Siliciumhydroxide). "Such a powder can only be produced in laboratory circumstances and would cost hundreds of thousands dollars" according to Nancy Talbott of the BLT research Team.

So itís hardly to accept someone left that behind. Probably the powder arose by "something" coming in connection with sand, and developed an extreme high temperature. So for a part the question "how to they exist" is explained, but not the question "why".



The esoteric approach.


Besides the scientific aspects, the cropcircle phenomenon also has esoteric angles of view. It is a pity to see, that scientists and esoterics mostly work against each other, instead of with each other. I myself am standing in the middle, and do focus myself on both aspects. The one doesnít exclude the other, and could a better co-operation and respect for each others vision, help to come to final conclusions. For that reason, I did a esoteric experiment, on invitation of a group of scientist, and the results will be scientifically researched, but are not available yet.

It is remarkable that peoples moods can change fully, entering a cropcircle. From depressive to very glad, and also the opposite way. During meditations, the nicest colours can be seen, at which mostly the colour blue is mentioned seen as a dome above the formation, so you could speak about a temporary temple. A lot of people have the experience during meditation the body is like itís getting up high. Ofcourse you can experience a lot during meditation, but itís remarkable how often these things are mentioned during meditations in cropcircles. Very often there are seen ballís of Light, so called Light Orbs, during appearance of the formation, but also afterwards. Mostly it are real places of power, and are often situated on leylines, or leyline crossings. A lot of formations certainly have a esoteric symbolism, and research is done with the Holy Geometry, that seems to be at least in some of the formations



In contact with the cropcircle makers.

In England, a group of cropcircle researchers, has tried to come in contact, with that what is responsible the appearance of the circles, under leadership of Andy Thomas and the psychic Paul Bura, authors of the book "Quest for contact". In this book they describe an experiment, trying to let a cropcircle appear, making use of meditation, and crystals in the field. Unfortunately, the formation didnít appear in the field they had in mind. But the day after, a report came in about a cropcircle in another field, with the same symbol as they tried to "make". That field was laying on the same leyline, as the field they had in mind, and the experiment took place on that very leyline!

I know a Dutch young man, that had to take his bicycle, and hat to go to a certain field, he was pulled to it in a way. When he came at that field, he saw lightorbs, and a cropcircle appeared before his very eyes. It also happens to the boy he sees how cropcircles appear in his dreams in certain fields, and the next morning the formation is in exact the same location and in the same shape as he dreamed of.

Another case is a woman, living in the centre of Holland, that saw a formation in a meditation. She didnít put attention to it, and went on holidays for three weeks. When she came back, a friend told her about that was found about 3 weeks ago. They went to the formation, and saw a cropcircle, just as she had seen in her meditation. The formation must have been appeared, about the time of the meditation.

But than the question: "Is something hanging in the air, and thelepatically picked up by people, or do these people create the formations themselves, with the power of the mind?"

From the experiment of Andy Thomas and Paul Bura, it seems we may conclude, that by means of meditation, man can create cropcircles. In England more people do this kind of experiments, with about the same results. But the figure is received on a thelepatic way, so the question is still staying unanswered. Anyway, itís very interesting to see there is obviously an interaction between man, and the cropcircle making phenomenon



Exchange of energy.

The arise obviously, goes together with high temperatures, and lightorbs are to be seen, and a kind of crackling noise is heard. Also kinds of metaphysic sounds are reported, for sensitive people to be heard, even after the appearance of the formation

An important theory is the one of the exchange of the cosmic and Mother Earth energy, and the cropformations should be the acupuncture places of the Earth. Because, Mother Earth is ill, an can use some energy. Wouldnít it be a nice method to rebalance her meridians?

Everything is energy, and, if every symbol, yes even every figure from the alphabet has his own energy, his own frequency. The same is with the cropcircles.

Sometimes energy can be exchanged, just by looking to a photograph of this very interesting and beautiful phenomenon, in which the Devaís and other nature spirits, obviously co-operate.

At this moment we only have some theories, some more reliable as the others. What really makes the formations? Maybe time will tell us



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Earlier published in the Dutch  esoteric magazine "Spiegelbeeld" (Dec. 2000)







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