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Healing on a distance.

(by Ed Vos)



We all sometimes have illnesses or inconveniences, that could be healed by means of regular or other medicines. But what to think of methods, you donít even use medicines. That just work just with the power of thoughts and love for the human beings of the therapist, and even works on a long distance?


Medical science.

Of the regular medical science is known, that by means of medical research, some complaints or illnesses can be cured. A very nice result, in that way, the medical science does contributes in a nice way to the health, and feeling well of man, as well physically as psychologically. We may be very thankful for this way of medical science, and a good holistic healer will certainly not deny it. And though I donít take an aspirin every time a feel a small pain, I do have them in my medicine cupboard, just in caseÖÖ


The holistic approach.

Does the regular medical care starts with the human body of flesh and blood, the physic body, the holistic healer from the human as a total, including al the other bodies, ethereal and astral as well, of which we have more, and tries to find out why an inconvenience or illness made itself manifest. Or better tries to prevent, in dialogue with the client, the illness to occur. Some of them do have the special gift, to "preview" possible troubles that might occur. For instance by reading the aura, psychic capabilities, or in another way. It is not really necessary to have those gifts. In a good conversation with the customer, and adequate knowledge as well as a trained listening ear of the therapist, who really looks in a lovefull way at his client, are also very valuable. I should say: "A mix of both would be the best".



(Authors note: The Dutch title of this article was curing on a distance. But the Dutch word curing has another meaning. Means more the guaranty, you get rid of the illness. For that reason, holistic working people prefer the word healing. This for a good understanding of the following text.)

This article is called "curing on a distance". actually the title doesnít fit that well to this article, but because the word "curing" is so well know, and so often used, I choose it as title. In fact no one can cure another, thatís something belonging to the greatest doctor: God, the One, the Light, or what ever name you want to give to him.

And that is the essential part.

Every man has a Godly Spark in himself, and with that, he is his own healer.

However the word "cure" is a bit clumsy, Iíll use it after all, because itís clear what is meant by it. Iíd better call such a person a Healer, healing assistant, caretaker or something like that.

(Authors note: Here ends what I told the English readers above about curing versus healing)

So every one is a piece of God, and can heal himself?

In fact thatís true, but in reality it isnít the way it mostly works. Ofcourse we have to deal with the fact of the free choice we have on earth, itís the human birthright, to make his own choices. For that reason there is no good, no bad, no negative nor positive. In fact they doesnít exist, but are polarities we created ourselves. Maybe one made a more handy choice as another. One chooses a large house, and a large car in front. The other doesnít need so much money, but likes to follow his feelings, want to feel love for the other, the community, even for the cosmos we are living in.

Chasing material profits mostly delivers you a large amount of stress as well, and are getting ill from one or more illnesses that are so specific for our busy live to gather money, and more money.


What can the therapist do?

For a start he or she could have a good talking with the client, to get behind his view of life, and to get behind the mostly not to good way the client feeds himself. Next the therapist needs to give him insight, those pattern need to be changed.

This of course is impossible in one session, there need to be builded a confidence between therapist and client, possibly with the use of massage, feet reflexology, or other therapies.

In a lot of cases, direct contact is the best, but itís not always possible. The client might live on a too long distance for regularly consults, or the therapist is too busy.

I myself for instance, earn my money as a full time photographer, and heal people in my healing room, or on a distance, without asking money. Because of my regular job I donít have so much time for the healing work. Healing on a distance can be done on every moment of the day, and is normally not very time consuming.

It is also possible people donít want to have anything to do with the "paranormal", but for instance children or friends like to have help for that person. Fortunately it is possible, and very nice results were there, using the distance healing. In such cases permission has to be asked on a high level. It might be possible that the particular person has chosen his illness on souls level, to experience some things in his life. We may not step into Godís plan.


How does healing on a distance work?

I could say good, but I know in the same time thatís a too small answer. Later in this article, Iíll give you some practice examples, as well from my own experiences as those of others. The honour is only for one, and that is the One or God if you like.

There are more "technics". Theirs are more courses in which distance healing is integrated. One of the most popular is Reiki. Nearly every one knows someone in his neighbourhood that followed a course Reiki. A very important healing method, in which distance healing is integrated as well, is that of the Vietnamese mister Dang, who gives courses all over the world and who gives "his" energy, The universal energy, by means of large image screens, at the same time in a lot of counties to his course members, which those course members can use for others. Also with Sanjeevinis, a method coming from India, in which method, healing vibrations are added to for instance water is very helpful, as practice shows us. Although these and other methods are working very well, there also are a lot of people that do distance healing, without having followed a course All is well, as long as itís done with love and respect of the Highest, and for the client of course. A good way is to stop your thoughts and to concentrate yourself on the person, or situation, and ask for the co-operation of the Higher, and than send your Love and energy in mind to the other.

In case of operations for instance, you can also ask for help and insight for the doctors, that they may take right decisions, in case they might doubt about their actions. This all of course by means of the help of the Higher, or divine world. A lot of people working on a distance like to work with a picture, from the person that needs help. Others like to know the name address, and date of birth to concentrate on. Essential however is the unconditional Love. If more people are working for the same person, it comes out to have more effect. Also the well known "burning a candle" for someone is a good way of distance healing. Lighting it with the right consciousness, you can focus on the person or problem, that needs positive energy.


Practical examples.

As I told you, I will give you some experiences from myself and others who I work with in very heavy cases, and they all work together on a distance. In this work we experience time and space doesnít exist.

A women in the early fifties with a thyroid problem had to take a so called "radioactive iodine swallow ". The decision to do so was a difficult one for her, but after a long time of thinking about it she made her decision.

To do so, you have to stay in quarantine for at least 2 days, and everything you have with you, such as clothing books and so on, have to stay behind afterwards as they told her. In the hospital where she was treated, she really should be locked up all alone. So no daylight and the door locked. She went to another hospital, were she could look outside, and the door stayed unlocked. In case of burning for instance, a nice thought to know she just could get out. Having taken the "swallow", after a while her radio activity was measured, and it was decreasing very fast. The next day the radiation was that less, that she was allowed to go home, and could take all her possesses with her!

Another woman in the mid forties heard the diagnosis "breast cancer" This women, with 2 children on school, saw her world change radical. She got an operation, radiationís and chemo, of which her hair fall of. In this case we asked our group of lightworkers to help on a distance. Except losing her hair, and being tired, belonging to this therapy, she didnít get other side effects. She cured very well. It will take some years to know if she is totally cured. The first pictures taken of her breast after a wile, showed a good result.

In the meantime however, by coincidence a very rare kind of cancer was found at the end of the intestines. About 8 cm from the rectum. It was positioned at the back side, and she was operated from the front. So, a heavy operation. If it was closer to the rectum, she should have had a stoma for her lifetime. The operation should be done well in one time. Two surgeons did the job, and the woman got a temporary stoma. It was hard for the woman, physically and emotionally. Her daughter had to do examinations for school, and the woman wanted to be home in that time, but for that kind of operations you have to stay in hospital for 2 weeks. In very special cases you might go home in 10 days. After 7 days the women left the hospital!!!

After the operation, she got morphine through a needle in her back. After a day, the needle wasnít in her back anymore, and replacing was risky. So she decided to use 3 times a day 2 aspirins. The surgeons couldnít believe this, as well as that she went home after 7 days.

Now she was at home as her daughter did her examinations. She could even go with her getting her diploma. Of course a lot of compliments for the daughter she did it well. We of course used the distance work for her as well.


Effect of distance work.

Of course I hurry to say, those success stories can not be scribed to the lightworkers, because there is no proof. A good lightworker sees the results and give a blink of the eye to the Higher, concentrates again on his client, or another one and goes on with his work. But, its remarkable how soon people recover, have less side effects, and sometimes cure totally from life threatening diseases.


Earlier published in the Dutch esoteric magazine "Spiegelbeeld" (march 2001)








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