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Symbols, a cosmic language; The language of the Light (Articles)
      As wel as hundreds of symbols

Symbols found in crashed UFO

Apple pictograms 

  Lightphenomenons, articles and pictures (Lightorbs)

The Atlantic ring and other ornaments (Article)

Healing on a distance (Article)

Healing symbolstones Article) 

Water loaded in cropcircle

The World of the Deva's (Article)

Pyramid with patterns (Article)

Atlantis and her meaning in our time. (Article)

The particular meaning of the Kernhem Estate. (Article) 

Mantras: Magical words of power (Article)

Sandcircles and their energies (Article)

Sand circle on the bank of the river the Weser (Germany)

Sandcircle on the "Dam" in our Capitol Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Recommended books

Unfolding the Crystal Skulls






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