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Engraved Apples,

A normal, or an abnormal phenomenon ?

By: biologist Jaap van Etten


The season of 1995 was for a lot of people, interested in extraordinary phenomenon’s, not as interesting as 1994 was. In the past seasons, there were not so much cropcircles, and the few that appeared, did not got the interest, they should have got. For a short moment, it seemed, another phenomenon would be characteristic for this season. It had the interest of magazines, radio, and television. It was the phenomenon of the engraved apples. But it did not grow as the cropcircles of 1994 did. The phenomenon seemed to be less spectacular, happened on an other scale. Obviously, it seemed to have an scientific, explanation, so was it really that spectacular ? Anyway, it was for Jomanda (A mass healer in Holland, who gave sessions in a large hall, healing about 6000 people at the same time, and, several times a week. [translator] ) Jomanda connected them, just like the cropcircles with Aliens. An introduction of a phenomenon, that knows believers and disbelievers.


(c) Mevr. Racer Palthe Cornegoor


The phenomenon "signs on apples" is in several ways known to science.

They can appear by:

-Insects ( especially mineerders)

-circumstances by with is cultivated, or climatic circumstances, before the harvest.

-Circumstances under which the apples are kept.

Specialists of the institute for agrotechnical research in Wageningen [The Netherlands] think that apples with signs, such as they appeared last year, did appear because of the circumstances, they were kept. The name they give to the phenomenon is: "soft scald"

The soft scald phenomenon, started, at the time, people developed more advanced technics, to can keep the apples longer, almost a year. However, the opinions in literature, and by different researchers, is not the same. Anyway, they agree about the fact, that a too quick cooling of apples, can perform the soft scald effect. It can even appear in the cooling cells itself, and can be stopped by using more CO2 in the cooling room.

The phenomenon, can also appear after the apples were taken from the cooling house and get into the warmth. The opinion is, the phenomenon appears more often in warm summers, however, this is not mentioned in the literature about this. They suspect, the phenomenon is coursed by damage of the

membranes in cells, Enzymes are than coming free, that start some processes.

This should be the reason of the change of colour of the rind, and the patrons that are to be seen.

It is known that the phenomenon can also be inducted by Hexanol, or Hexylacetaat.

Soft scald has not bee studied deeply in the Netherlands. And, the experience of researchers tell us, it is not a common phenomenon. It is a mystery, why such a lot of those apples appeared in 1995.

It is strange that those apples appeared all over our country, because the possibility of malfunctioning of one of those cooling places might be possible, but does certainly not explain the great number of those apples.

The phenomenon is known since about 40 years. There are also several reports known from 1994.

A newspaper: "de Zwolse krant", paid attention to the phenomenon. But it did not happen as much as in 1995., although the summer of 1994 was certainly as warm as the summer of 1995.

One of the researchers from Wageningen says that the engraved apples (soft scald) happened with a special type of apples: Jonagold. However, it seems to happen with the type Golden Delicious as well.

So there is no agreement about that.

With the scientific explanation, the phenomenon "engraved apple", seems to be reduced to a normal phenomenon, that can only be more researched on details. But, there are some people, for instance Jomanda (Healing medium from Tiel, The Netherlands) That certainly do not agree with this opinion.

There is, according to Jomanda, at least for a part, another explanation.


(c) mevr. Racer Palthe Cornegoor

In 1994, Jomanda got an apple delivered, with strange brown signs on it.

Because she didn’t had no idea what to do with it, she had it sent back. After a short period, the apple was there again. But, it wasn’t the same one, it was another. Although she still didn’t know what to do with it, she connected the apples with other things that happened in the same time.

She connected the apples, The cropcircles (especially the one in Zoelmond, The Netherlands, that in her opinion had a very positive energy), and the problem with the monkey’s in Emmen, The Netherlands (Those Monkey’s were frightened about something and didn’t come out the trees for a few day’s, not even to eat.). But she did not really know, what the connection exactly was. In 1995, she got a lot of reactions from people, that have found one or more apples in their houses ( a few times even from a greengrocer’s shop). The reports came from all over the country.

In the "5 uur show", ( transl.: a Dutch television program) on 31st of august 1995, Jomanda presented the "Mysterious Apples". Now she was very clear in her statement.: The signs on the apples are made by Aliens, just like the cropcircles ! She told, she got this message from her celestial companions. She imputes the signed apples positive energy, that should heal people. By means of the apples, a peace of joy is coming to us. That is the reason, she advises people that received such an apple, to eat is. Her assistants do also give that advice to people that asked questions about the apple by telephone. And there are a lot of phonecalls, because Jomanda pays attention to the phenomenon in her program on radio noordzee (Transl: Dutch radioprogram),on Sunday evening.

In a lot of way’s, people are busy with the phenomenon of the apples. On august 12th of 1995, "Het Limburgs dagblad" (Transl.: Dutch newspaper) showed two colourpictures op the apples with strange pattern, entitled "Art or Kitsch", with the question if anyone could give information, to solve this mystery. Some papers interviewed people who found those apples with strange signs.

Especially, after the "5 uur show" was broadcasted. The most, welknown, reactions, came from people , that are in contact with Jomanda, either by means of visiting one or more healing meetings, or by listening to her radioprogramm on sundayevening. Most of those people have an great trust in Jomanda, en think those apples with figures on the rind, have a positive influence. This idea is powered by those who really report, that their health is really increased, after eating the engraved apples. One of the most significant examples is that of the women who had to less chalk in her bones, and hardly could walk. After eating those apples, she could really walk, (even the stairs), and her pain is gone.

She seems not to be the only one. Another one reported, he could not drink coffee, or smoke a cigarette without getting ill, after eating the apple. Another person who had a lot of trouble with inflammation of the bladder, experienced after eating the apple, at first an strong increasing of the pain, however, the pain had disappeared the next morning. But, he found a 35 cm large scar at his lower belly. Day’s later, his problems weren’t appeared again. Besides those, and other "stories of success", there are ofcourse a lot, wherein none, or less effect, is reported, after eating the engraved apples.

A regular coming remark, is that about the change of taste of the "signed apples". Those who report about the taste have the same statement in their reports: The engraved apples taste "bitter". Some people are talking about a kind of perfumed taste. It is known, that fruits with soft scald have a low range of linoizuor, but it isn’t clear, if that courses the change in taste.

During the radioprogramm on sundayevening, Jomanda invited people, to put apples near the radio, during her broadcasting. Those apples should than be radiated.

A lot of people, report, not knowing of eachother, by means of letters, about appearances of signs on apples. Sometimes during the broadcast, but mostly during the following night. There are a lot of indignant reactions from people that heard about the scientific explanation in the "5 uur show".

For a part it has to do with their trust in Jomanda. However, it is also based on the fact, they own apples from another type as "Jonagold" which carry those signs on their rind. It are apples of the type: Elstar, James Grieves, and Golden delicious. They don’t try to hide , their trust in science, has deeply decreased.

A lot of people followed the appearance of engarvements on the apples. They didn’t see it on their beds, but described the changes in patterns every day. Very often, it was captured by means op drawings en pictures. So it seemed, the "engravements" were not competed in just one day, but mostly it took 2 or 3 day’s. In a few cases even longer. So it happened in phases.

In single cases the pattern appeared, while someone looked to the apple. They report a slow continuing process, so that it seems, the figures are drawn slowly on the apples.

In a few cases, the drawings appeared, while holding the apple in the hand. This is not always the best way, according to the woman, who told to be cured from her lack of chalk in her bones.

She saw, that one of her eight found engraved apples, was to be engraved at that very moment.

She really experienced the engravement, because she saw the deepening of the sign. When she touched the place where the engravement took place, she got a shock, just as if there was a lot of electrical currency. She didn’t expect that at all, and experienced it as painful.


(c) mevr. Racer Palthe Cornegoor

The signs seem to look like eachother, but are always different. It is fascinating to hear what people see in those patterns: characters, hearts, objects, animals, and so on.

In that way the phenomenon , might be a lot of work for pschyologists

By the way, owners of these apples are not alone with their interpretation. Several people, from different areas in the country, went with their apples to paragnosts. The reactions of those paragnosts was the same in at least one aspect: Without exception, they al saw a personal message for the owners of those apples. However, none of them would like to interpretate the message.

By looking to a lot of apples, and pictures of them, it becomes clear, that there is a big difference in the depth of the signs. A lot of signs seems to be only a change of colour of the rind, and get deeper later on. With other apples, the signs are deep immediately, as the statements tell us.

There is also a great different in size, of the drawings. That is as well for the in beginning not so deep signs, as for those directly "engraved" signs.

Also the greatness of the signs is different. There are very complicated ones, and also simple but very powerful figures, There is enough variation, to make a lot of interpretations about the meaning of them.

It is not clear at this moment in which area the phenomenon appears. Anyway in the whole Netherlands. That the engraved apples appear in other countries, is clear. People from abroad, who have their holiday’s in the Netherlands, tells they got those apples also in their own country.

There are reports from apples with signs in Germany, even in Bayern, and there is also a report from

Roogstraten, Flanders (Transl.: Belgium).

According to scientific literature, the phenomenon at least appeared in Europe, Canada and in the USA.

A lot of what people say, and describe about signed apples, fits well in the scientific explanation, as well as the period the phenomenon shows itself. Jomanda explains, the phenomenon appears between may end September. It is the most important period in which soft scald can be expected.

Jomanda told in de "5 uur show" it might be possible that, some of the apples are "engraved" due to soft scald, but that there are signs, with other courses, and that ones should have to do with Aliens.

There really are some apples that are significant: Signs on apples of another sort, and several experiences of people, that do not fit in the standard opinion. After all, the phenomenon was that large, all over the Netherlands, and the number of engraved apples was that large, it really is very remarkable

Eventhough, this was not the main reason to start a first research to apples with signs.

It was more the fact, some people, who are occupied by research on cropcircles, and/or eartheneries, experienced at least a few engraved apples as "energetically different". Those apples "felt" different as others. It is a pity, none of them could give a description what it was. There was energetic something strange with the apples.

My orientating research consisted out of a number of interviews with people who had engraved apples, to experience if those apples really have abnormal energies, and investigating if the houses, where those apples exceeded, had special energy patterns, or were built on energy-lines.

This first research should make clear, if a research on a larger scale should be useful.

I started this research with a certain scepticism. That changed while visiting the first "applehouse" in Drenthe (Transl.: An area in the Netherlands) It was not because of the "strange energy" the apple should have. It was especially because of the strange energies in the house, you hardly find anywhere.

At this moment, about 30 houses have been checked on those lines. In the beginning it seemed, every house in which "signed apples" were found, had four triad’s communication lines (a sort of energy lines), but soon it seemed not to be true at all. It soon became clear, that not all the engraved apples could be felt as having a different energy. And if there were found more apples in one house, not all those apples had that different energy.

During this first research, it became clear to me, that if there were apples with signs found that had a different, to be felt energy, those four Triad’s-communication lines were found by me in the house. It also came out that apples were found in houses of people, that had in no way any connection with Jomanda. I nice example of this is of two married people in the surroundings of Arnhem (Transl.: A place in the Netherlands), who had 5 apples that were engraved, and were the type of "James Grieves" , and those 5 apples had an enormous powerful energy. The never had any contact with Jomanda, and did not listen to her radioprogam. Through the house were 4 triad’s- communicationlines, to be found, as I find out during my research.

There are a lot of energy lines, which can be found all over the world, and ofcourse also in houses.

Those lines, belonging to the natural energy system of the Earth, some are to be found under Earth’s surface. There is a category of lines, that are not under the surface, but exists about 1 or 1,5 metres above Earth’s surface. These lines are grounded by means of crossings of certain lines, which do belong to Earth’s energysystem. These "floating" lines are called: "communication lines".

A better known name for such lines is "churchlines" , that often goes through 2 or more churches.(Transl.: Leylines).

As al lines, those communication lines also have "sub"-lines. Those sub-lines are grouped in unities of 3, and that’s why they are called "triad’s". Churchlines have 3 of such triad’s. The energieline found in the first "applehouse", was a communicationline with 4 triad’s of this kind. Those lines were only occasionally found, and only in very particular circumstances.

In the mean time, about 30 houses in which engraved apples were found are researched on the presence of this lines. At first, it seemed al the houses in which the signed apples were found, had such a 4 triad’s communicationline, but it turned out to be wrong.

The first investigations gave more information as ever expected. (Especially that information that made the "engraved apple" phenomenon, into a very interesting subject.)


It seems there are apples that at least for a few people have that special energy to be felt.

After all, the reported way of healing by "apple-owners" would at least activate your curiosity.

And, aren’t there not, more types of apples, as the official science is aware of ?

Reasons enough to start a research on a larger scale. Obviously, at this moment, there don’t appear any engraved apples anymore. (They seem to have their own season, just as the cropcircles, meant to keep the interested people well busy during the summer months.) A bigger part of research can only take place in the seasons to come in the next years.

At this moment, more than 200 finding places are available about Engraved apples. It seems to be al lot, but in a large amount, there will not be found such a communication line. We certainly need more information.



Source: Frontier 2000 2.3

Copyright: Jaap van Etten.

Pictures: Mevr. Racer Palthe Cornegoor

Translation: Ed Vos.


I Thank Jaap van Etten and Mevr. Racer Palthe Cornegoor , for their allowance making use of their information. I also thank Rudi Klijnstra on who's web this article was first published, and his allowance putting the article on this website



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