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I often had seen applepictograms on photo's, and heard a lot of statements and explanations about it. A lot of people have been telling about the connection of this phenomenon and the cropcircles. On Friday 28-5-1999, I had been writing an article about symbols for this same web-site of "Dutch Cropcircles Webring". Because it was very late, I decided to get some sleep, and do some text corrections, the following day.

The next morning, I unconsciously, looked to my fruitbasked, in which there were about 10 apples. The one at top had this strange drawing. I examined all other apples, but no one else, had a picture. It were all the same kind of apples, and were bought at the same time, in the same store. An often heard remark is: Probably, it's rottenness. But, that is only possible, if the apples are older, or ripe-rot, but they certainly were not. I eat fruits regular, and I should certainly have seen this particular apple before. I have put this specimen in the refrigerator, and the pictogram is exactly the same as by discovering, even now, now I write this article on 10-6-1999, 13 days later ! Actually the apple has changed, there are about 10 small circles on it, drawed with very thin lines. Those circles don't have any form of rottenness, and are not ripe-rot. They feel as stiff as the rest of the apple, without any drawings. Because of the impact, the discovery of the pictogram, had to me, I took a photo of the pictogram to a clairvoyant, I am aquainted with, for years, and with whom I had a lot of very good experiences. This man asked me if I had perceived some entities in my house. I often feel that I am not alone, so that didn't feel strange to me, but in this case, he told me it had all to do with an alien intervention. Of course, I can't give any proof of the items he told me, but I like you all to know, what has been told to me by him. Earlier, another medium, a friend of me, visited me, and saw the apple. By using the photograph, and feeling it, she told me, it was a greeting of the cosmos. Both stories might be another perception, of the same source. A few years ago, there were a lot of applepictograms, and Jomanda, a famous Dutch healer, working with thousands of people in the same time in a tremendous large hall, also connected these apples with this source. She also told, these apples are meant for particular persons, and the ones, that receive those apples should eat them, because they should be very salutary. Anyway, I haven't eat my apple until now. Because I'm open-minded, I do certainly not exclude this "Alien theory", it all might be very well possible. Does it have to do with the fact, the evening before I was writing that Symbol article, and that I attracted those energies, or whatever it may be ? It is known, that some people, meditate on symbols, and that afterwards, or possibly on the same time, cropcircles appears. A very nice book about this is "Quest for contact", written by Andy Thomas and Paul Bura. Is there any connection with the appearance of the cropcircles ? Is the same energy, or, whatever it may be, responsible for both: The applepictograms and the cropcircles? Cropcircles are prints in a ball-like body: Mother Earth. Applepictograms are also prints in a ball-like body: the apple. It might be possible cropcircles are made by an energy exchange between cosmic and earth energies. For apple pictograms this theory obviously seems to be ridiculous. Mother Earth is ill, but that doesn't count for apples, or does it....? Maybe, the manifestation in apples, is a symbol for the bigger , namely for Mother Earth, and these apples point us to our responsibility to Mother Earth. It is all possible. Whatever it may be, I was very glad with my applepictogram, and it felt very good to me Ofcourse I like to know your remarks, and suggestions, because, after all, we all want to solve this enigmas, and other mysteries. We all would like to know the explanation for those strange phenomenon

Ed Vos.
Written19 :10-06-1999.

Addition dd. 24-06-1999:
On Friday 18-06-1999, I decided to eat the apple. A few years ago, as the applepictograms, became a lot of publicity, by Jomanda, she advised people who had received such pictograms in apples, to eat them. After 3 weeks (in the refrigerator) the apple looked very well. The pictogram hadn't changed, neither the with very thin lines drawed circles. At the moment I would eat the apple, a woman who was at my home, also did eat from this apple. Although she don't like apples at all, she did eat it, and it tasted very well to her. I myself concluded, the taste of this apple, was better than other apples of the same kind. It was a "Golden Delicious". Before we should eat the apple my girlfriend suggested to conserve the rind, at the area of the pictogram. She putted away al the pulp, and did we sea, that the inner side of the rind was untouched. At the place of the pictogram, it even had a bit lighter colour as the surrounding rind. We really were astonished. Although the pictogram at the outside was brown. We also saw, that there wasn't any damage no holes or whatever. The pulp was looking as it has to be. The pictogram looked as if it really was engraved. After we cut the apple into pieces, we felt the applepieces. The energy was very well to be felt, and it felt in a very positive way. Conserving the rind has succeeded, so I can show it to people who might be interested.

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