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Engraved apple at Ed Vos his home (NL)

Article about engraved apples, by Jaap ban Etten, Biologist

Article by Yvonne van Steen about engraved apples, and the way she uses them in her healing practise

Engraved apples at the house of the de Boer family, Zoetermeer, Holland.

  Engraved Pears  

Engraved apple of Mrs. de Roode

Another Engraved Appel at Mr de Boer's house

And also in 2004 another engraved apple at Mr. de Boer's house

  Apple in Dordrecht NL (2004)

Apple photos of Andrea Da Silva (2004)

Apple photos of Mr. Hania (2003) (Published 2004)

An engraved apple of Mrs. Kroon in Lisse (NL) 2005

2 engraved apples of Tonny de Ronde in Deil (NL) 2005

An engraved apple  of Mr. Marinus Jacobi in Arnhem (NL) 2005

Engraved apples and pears of Mrs Astrid Wevers in Roosendaal (NL) 2005

Engraved apple of mr Tommy Borms in Erembodegem Belgium (2005)

Engraved apple of Mr. de Boer from The Hague (NL) 2006

Engraved apple of Mrs. J. Kemble, Schagen (N.L.) 2006

Engraved apple in Zelzate Belgium (2006)

Engraved apple of Mr. de Boer from The Hague 2  (NL) (2006)

Engraved appels of mrs Hodes (NL) (2006)

Engraved apple of Mr. de Boer from The Hague 3  (NL) (2006)

Engraved apples of Willy Koerhuis ( Broekland NL) (2006)

Engraved apples from Lisse (NL) ( 2006)

Engraved apple in Utrecht (2006)

  Engraved apples from Pia de Wilde (Z Brabant NL) 2006

  Engraved apple of Jan van Gorselen (2006)

  Engraved apple of Marijke Carstens (2006)

Engraved apples of Ans Paul, Bunningen NL (2006)

Engraved apples of Henny Michel, Bennekom NL (2006)

Engraved apples of H. de Boer 4 Den Haag (NL) 2006

Engaved apple of Natasja, Emmerich am Rhein Germany (2007)

Engraved apples of H. de Boer, Den Haag (NL) ( june 2007)

Engraved apples of Jacintha Kemble NL (2007)

Engraved apples of Louis Borms, Aalst Belgium (2007)

Engraved apples of Berna Raaphorst, Rhenen, (NL) (2007)

Engraved apples of Louis Borms-2, Aalst Belgium (2007) another apple

Engraved apples of Johnny de Widt Enschede (NL) (2007)

Engraved apples of H. de Boer, Den Haag (NL) ( juli 2007)

Engraved apples of Ernst Knirschnig, Vienna, Austria  (july 2007)

Engraved apples of José de Boevere, Ijzendijke (NL) 2007

Engraved apple of Renato Fiore, Den Haag  (NL)  (2007)

Engraved apples of Jacintha Kemble NL (2007) 2

Engraved apples Lies de Jongh Photographed in the Dutch Province "Friesland"

Engraved apples of Patricia Geldolf (Belgium)

Engraved apples  of Mr. de Boer The hague ( Netherlands)

Engraved apple of Ada Nederlof 2008

Engraved apples of Jacintha Kemble. July 2009

Engraved apple of miss Grace Victoria july 2009

Engaved apples of miss Maria Onrust-Zentveld 2009

Engraved apple of miss Garcia Chacon Kassel (Germany) 2010

Engraved apples of Miss Herma Everts, Hoogeveen Netherlands july 2010

Engraved apples of Mr. Wim Scheepers, Berghem, Netherlands, july 2010

Engraved apple of Mr. Michel Scheepers, Rotterdam, Netherlands,  july 2010

Engraved apple of miss Ilse Klaarwater, The Hague, Netherlands, Oktober 2010

Engraved grapefruit of mr Ed Vos, Mijdrecht Netherlands, may 2011

Engraved apples of Miss Martha van Cauwenbergh Belgium sept 2011

Engraved apple of mr. Dieter Päth Northern Germany august 2012

Engraved apples August 2014 (5 people) 2014

Engraved apples in 2015 (2 people)



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