Engraved apples in Lisse (NL)
Juni 2005


On June 27 th, I received the messages below, from mrs. P. Kroon from Lisse.
Ithank her for posting it to me, and her allowance to publish it on this website


Dear Mr. Ed Vos

I also am possesing a very remarkable apple!!

Last week, i visited the website of Jomanda (Famous Dutch healer Ed) and was listening to her voice The next day, there was an engraved apple in my fruit-dish.

Really remarkable, but didn't pay that much attention to it.

Until yesterday, as I coincidentally visited a website with "signs". I emediately recognized the sign engraved in my apple: It's the symbol "OHM". (You do have to turn around the photo)

Very strange is, I actually wasn't looking for "signs"but for pictures of doves. That makes it even more remarkable. It just happend.....




Hindoes do believe creation was caused by the sound OHM.


 I discovered another sign: an anchor





Symbol of steadfastness, and faith. It also is a symbol for seamen.

As Christian symbol it stand for the connection with Christ


   This is the backside


As I discovered this all yesterday evening it kept on my mind and I felt joy in me and had goosbumps eveywhere.

Toen ik dit gisteravond allemaal ontdekte kon ik het niet meer loslaten en voelde alleen maar blijheid in me en had echt overal kippenvel.

I really don't jnow what to do with this all, and if it's just a coincidence.

But I'm very greatfull I may experience this all.


petra Kroon.






On june 28th, I got another message, with new pics, taken 3 days after the pics in the message above.





Dear Mr. Ed Vos,


After I made photo's of the aple last sunday, there has been something changed.

the new picture, the centered one, was made yesterday evening. It's clear a line and a dot have been added: The OHM symbol now is complete!

A miracle to me.........







Petra Kroon,

On august 31th 2005 Mrs Kroon again saw an apple being engraved. It started in the afternoon, and was finished that evening.

That happened 2 days befor i received the pictures.







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Ed Vos