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Engraved apple of Elize de Roode.

(By Ed Vos)




From Mrs.Elize de Roode (The Netherlands) I received a message and photo's on 20- july 2003, about an engraved apple, she just discovered that day. It was a "Jona Gold" apple. I thank Mrs. de Roode very much for her message and her photo's, as well as her allowance to publish them on my website.

On the moment of discovering, Mrs de Roode just possessed one apple, that was bought about two weeks ago. She discovered the engraved apple on 20 july, about 10.00 P.M. (Local time), and she is certain, the engavement wasn't there the day before.



My first impression was, just as that of my partner, it looked a lot to the AUM symbol, a Sanskit sign, symbolising the first sound ever existing, being the start of our entire universe, to be compared with the words: "In the beginning was the word". That AUM is regularly sung as, or sung within Mantra's by Budhists and Hindu people, as well as others, knowing the meaning of that specific sound.




At the moment of writing this webpage ( 13 august 2003) it comes out that apple still shows the same engravement, and doesn't show any cases of rot. After the discovering of the engravement, more as 3 weeks went by, and do we have a heat-wave for a long time now, on it's way to exeed the one we had in 1947. 

But, it might, or might not be of importance, Elize have put the apple into the hands of a Budah.
The apple however, shows some infirmities of old age: The rind is wrinkled, but doesn't show any rot. The symbols engraved are still clearly visible, as the photo below, taken today, shows you


Na drie weken


The phenomenon of the engraved apples still seems to be actual nowadays. After the first reports in 1994 were published, we still have them, although it's almost 10 years later now. However, there isn't an explanation for most phenomenons yet, there also is non for the engraved apples, cropcircles and remarkable lights. But that's why it are phenomenons, and are they that intriguing





Ed Vos