Appelpictograms in Roosendaal (NL) july 2005



From Astrid Wevers, I received a few photo's showing 3 engraved apples. I thank Mrs Wevers for posting them and her allowance to put them on this website. The firs one ( in the middle) was found on july 1th 2005, the other 2 a day later







Mrs Wevers found 2 engraved pears earlier. That was on december 18th 2004. before that, on november 6th 2004, she saw some rotating lights in her backyard. She also saw some balls of light (lightorbs).  Mrs Wevers also gets very nice lightorbs on her photo's.






On 08-08-2005 Ms. Wevers photographed the apples once again
See the differences!










More information about  light-orbs visite: www.dutchlightorbs.nl




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Ed Vos