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What do we know about it, Is it  a natural process, an universal way communication. Does I relate with the crop circles. It is a phenomenon that is not so common as the corpcircles but is there for over many, many years. This article is written to give more information about this miracle that otherwise should stay behind close doors. There are probably more people that has had this phenomena themselves or in their surroundings.We hope we can do more experience en get more information about the meaning of the glyphs in the apples. Is it only a natural phenomenon or is it also means of communication .  what does it want to tell us ??.


In august 2002 I receiver my first glyph or drawing in an apple in my fruit basket. With this apple I went to more sensitive persons who told me they could feel  the high level of energy  that could be related to the energy of the crop circles. That was wonderful because I just returned from a trip to England to the crop circles.

 The high energy, I could feel with my own sensitivity, gave me, as soon as I held the apple,  twinkling hands.

In 2002 I didnít know anything about the possibilities of measuring the energy by for example the Bovis value level. About the measuring of the energy I will come back in a later part of this article. The energy I can feel is related to the energy of the cropcircels which I visit every year in july and august. But also is quit similar to the Atlantis energy.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        August 2002




The  second picture you see  is the same apple from 2002. As you can see it is still pure but it's shrinked.

Sometimes I use in my own practice ( for natural healing, homeopathy and Holistic-Energetic medical science ) energetically loaded sources of power like stones and crystal skulls.  For some clients I use this powerful apple as a source of power.

After receiving the sign in the apple in 2002 I wasnít engaged in the how and why of the sign in the apple but more with visiting the cropcircels in England.

That is why the apple phenomenon was on the background in my life.

Till.....this year I was confront Ted again with this apple phenomenon by a very special turn from crop circles to apples.

For the last Years,  as far as we know, are crop circles also appearing in Drenthe in Holland. In 2003 there was a crop circle is Wilhelminaoord in Drenthe, Holland and in 2005 in Diever in Drente, Holland. (for this circles you can visit the website www.dcca.nl archive 2003 and 2005

I didn't visit the crop circle in 2003 because at that time I lived in Rotterdam.I moved a few years ago to Uffelte, a very small village in Drenthe, Holland. It is near to Diever. So in 2005 I visited the crop circle in Diever. That was in 2005 and..........

 At the beginning of July this year (2006) we, a small group of people that is concerned in  the cropcircels and rate the crop circles at itís true value, decided that we should try to get an new circle in our neighbourhood. In England people did en do this kind of experiences several times and sometimes the experiments will succeed.

Everybody of our group should experience on their own way. I myself decided to do a small meditation, several times a day for a very short time of some minutes.

About five days after starting my experiment of meditating a little brown spot appeared in one of the apples in my fruit basket . This was the beginning of the drawing you can see on the left picture.



                  12 July 2006 Uffelte-Drenthe                                                 17 July 2006  Uffelte-Drenthe


On the right picture I laid another apple which was bought at the same moment in the same bag in the shop. This apple was rotting away already. The glyph or drawing in the right apple has continued, as you can see (right under)

Also about this apple I consulted some more sensitive persons and also now, just like the first time in 2002, they told me the phenomenon is related to the crop circles and also that the energy is also quit similar to Atlantis energy

From this apple we have measured the Bovis value. It is a way to measure the energy. This method is developed by two French scientists, Bovis and Simoneton.

De Bovisvalue can be measured with the help of a Bovis scale en can be measured for example by crystal on a chain (pendulum) or a Bio tensor.

Usually the scale goes from 0 Ė 18000 Bovisvalu.
The neutral point is 6500.

Healthy people has a energetic value between 6500 and       

8000. energetical places or power spots can measure a   

value of 18000 or more.


                                                                         Pendle card Bovis value           



When I concluded that the drawing in the apple didn't continue any further I measured  from sensitivity 16000 Bovis-value.

A few days later I have searched for contact with Ernest Mols, a friend of mine who keeps busy with the cropcircels and measuring the energy. I asked him to measure the energy of the apple. He measured with his pendle a Bovis value of 18000.

 We ware amazed because the energetic value of a crop circle is between 18000 and 26000 Bovis value.


                      17 August 2006 Uffelte-Drenthe                                    29 August 2006-Uffelte-Drenthe



When I wrote this article it's almost nine weeks ago the drawing appeared and the apple is still almost intact. It is only shrinking a little.Although there is coming a little brown spot I think the apple will, just like the apple of 2002, shrink.

Some days ago we have measured again the energetic value of the apple. We both measured a value of 13000. This could mean that, when the physical apple is shrinking, the energetic level should drop.

We also have measured sec the glyph or drawing of the apple. I am clear-sighted and I did measure from intuition. We both measured a value of the glyph or drawing from 32000. This is remarkable because it is the same value as the centre of the crop circle in Diever in 2005. This value was also the highest measured value in this cropcirclecentre.

From the apple of august 2002 we measured also the bovis value. I measured from intuition a Bovisvalue of 11000. Ernest with the pendle a value of 18000.

Also I measured back in time the value. We did it by measuring from the picture of the apple as the value should have been in  2002.

We measured each individual, me from intuition and Ernest with the pendle a value from the whole apple as it should have been in 2002 from 18000. And the drawing specific we measured  a valuation of 54000 Bovis.

We were also surprised that we discovered that the glyphs in the apples seems similar tot the strarglyphs that are shown in the book of Judith Moore, crop circles revealedIn her book she describes how the the language of her glyphs give channelled messages about a special crop circle.

What I also discovered in 2002 the glyph of the apple of 2002 is almost similar to the 24th rune sign Othila.                        


                                                Apple 2002                                rune-sign OTHILA.


The experiences we have had the last few weeks with this apple, does not give us only answers but also give, of course, new questions.

..............What do we have to do or what can we do with these ďmessagesĒ   

My own feeling, intuition en years long experience with crop circles and  energetic power spots on the earth are telling me that, in this case, it isnít a natural process.

For me personal, it is, just like the cropcircels are for me, a means of communication what tryís to give us messages, messages that can make us more conscious and more realize in the universal connexion.                       

The correspondence with the strarglyphs in the book of Judith Moore and my own meditation-experience for a crucible convince me in any case that the phenomenon of the appleglyphs can have a connexion with the crop circles.

By the possibility of measuring the energetic value of the apples and the crop circles and realize that it has connexion with each other and energetic levels are similar I get more and more convinced that both the phenomenon's have special energy.

I also get more and more the proof that these apples, just like the crop circles, can be used as energetic power objects in healing my clients.

The last days we met several people who also have, this year of in the years before, received drawings or glyphs in there apples. We shall contact them to hear their experiences.

OF course we want to know more about the appleglyphs, the rights of the case. Also from people abroad of Holland. Because we think itís there too.

That's why we want to ask people who have similar experiences and also probably have pictures of the apples to get in contact with us. The mailadress is rayvar@planet.nl   If you canít connect this email address you contact on another emailadress: praktijkrayvar@hotmail.com or louise.flohil@freeler.nl



Are you more interested or you want to get more information about my further experiences with for example these apples or the crop circles or you want a lecture  about it you can ,of course, take contact by mail.


Yvonne van Steen                                                                                                  


praktijk Rayvar     


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