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Engraved apples of Jacintha Kemble
Juli 2009, Schagen (Netherlands)


From jacintha we received, like before, pictures of engraved apples as showed in the pictures below. We do thank Jacintha for posting them to us and her allowance to publih them on this website.
Her message:

(Translated from Dutch to English)

Included are the photos of the newest apple engravements in Schagen. The phenomenon has increased with telepathic (?) messages.
I had that strong feeling the last couple of days, I had to go to that aziatic vegetables shop for there should be some engraved apples, just like last year. It was the first time I found them IN that shop. As I went into that shop, I started to sort some apples out, knowing I should find some engraved ones. It were two of them I found. In a few hours after I bought them, the engavements were increasing rather fast, and  I'm rather sure the process hasn't ended yet


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