Engraved apples in Schagen (N.H.)


From Mrs. Jacintha Kemble from Scagen (NL) I received the photos below, and her message. I thank Mrs Kemble for posting her photos and message to me, and her allowance to publish it on this site.

Mrs Kemble receives engraved apples ever since 1996. Today, 07-07-2006 she also received engraved apples. in the morning. The photos below were taken at 16.00 hours (4. PM)

A few years ago Jacintha moved into another house, but still got engraved apples. They obviously moved with her, at least the phenomenon.

Jacintha does eat the apples as usual, for a Dutch well known medium in those days; Jomanda, told her they were healty, and it was just the purpose to eat them! The pulp seemed to be very fresh, so there wasn't any reason, the apples were rottening






After some hours, the engravements seemed to have grown:



On 26-07-2006 I again received a few pics of Jacintha. She put an apple in front  of photos of Swami Premananda and Mother Dyvia on a bookshelf. She didn't pay any attention to the apple during some days, but as a sudden there was an engravement. Remarkable is the engravement was there as a sudden, and didn't grow anymore afterwards.






On july 28th 2006  we received the following pictures. The engravements seem to continue








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Ed Vos