Sandcircle on the Dam in Amsterdam

By Ed Vos


On october 31 2009 Richard van Rijswijk in coöperation with Frontier Magazine created a sandcircle on the Dam in Amsterdam (Netherlands).
For this location in the centre of Amsterdam and the centre of the Dutch community was chosen as introduction for the Frontier symposium that should take place a week later in hotel Krasnapolsky  that is situated on the Dam as well

The making of the formation should start at 10 AM and would be ready somewhere between 12 and 13 PM. From the authorities we had allowance until 4 PM, at that moment the square should be totally clean

The preparations already took place from about 8 AM. On the Dam we first laid down some plastic folie. Because of the wind at that moment it wasn't that easy. With all kind of attributes we tried to keep the plastic on its place. About 10 AM a truck brought the sand. We just placed some sand on the plastic folie to keep it on its place. After that lhe truck unloaded the rest of the sand.

The formation that should be created has been made earlier in 2005 near the village Anloo. Sancircle 4 that got the name "interdimensional balance" Below a short explanation of this remarkable code.

"The energy of this formation that at a first view looks like a Yin-Yang like formation makes it possible to open several realities at the same time for you to experience them from one central point. It has nothing to do with duality as the form maybe might be suggesting but actual to focus from one point of view and over-viewing all realities at the same time. If you learn to look from this (centre) point you kan see each and every situation out of your Mastership The result will; be there will be less distortion on your "line" and can look more clear to your and others actions from a Higher perspective.  By over-viewing those big lines your consciousness process will become faster and more constant because it cannot be blocked by emotional distortion" 

I have been helping creating sand formations several times though in nature. The experience on the Dam was a very remarkable one. The experience on "the Dam" however was a very special one. Creating a sandformation in the centre of Amsterdam, our Capital. The Dam can be regarded as the beatinhart of our community. Off course we had a big audience. As always on the Dam, there were a lot of artists, in their special dress-ups and there also was a bag-pipe player. Trams and motorbusses for public transport drove on and off.

As the formation was about half-ready, the energy at a sudden started to increase enormously.

Very interesting as well is, the fact the formation was laid down just in front of the Royal Palace of our queen (photo 9) with on the background the national monument on the Dam, as a rembrance for those who died in worldwar 2. (Photo 4), Hotel Krasnapolsky (Photo 1) and the Bijenkorf (photo 4) One of the most famous and exclusive stores in the netherlands.

 Nice thing was, children were helping as well, and there were a loot of friends from the esoteric/paranormal scene

It was a very nioce day the participants will remind with a lot of pleasure

I do like to thank Richard van Rijswijk for facilitaing this unique project on the Dam in Amsterdam 


Photo 1: The plasticfolie is laid down

Photo 2: First a bit of sand that was spread on several places to keep the folie on it's place.
Photo 3: And than the total amount of the sand.

Photo 4: The interview of members of our biggest news sender with Richard.

Photo 5: Just some handcrafts

Photo 6: The formation is almost ready

Photo 7: The activation

Photo 8: Kinderen hielpen ook mee

 Photo 9: Dit alles vond plaats pal voor
het paleis op de Dam
Photo 10: Het eindresultaat



© Ed Vos