Sand circle on the bank of the river Weser


Door Ed Vos



The evening before the yearly meeting of orbs phoyographers in Hude, a village in nortern Germany, some members of the FGK, IGP  and GWT gathered on 29 juli 2007 to create a sandformation on the "Ritzenbütler sand" on the bank of the river the Weser. On the other side of that river the well known city Bremen is situated.
Earlier that year some of us were present by creating a sand formation in the village Drouwen (Netherlands) under supervision of Richard van Rijswijk , who gets his information from the Arcturians. So he is guided in a way. In our case their wasn't any information by means of channeling or on another way. Or was it available for us as well, from a different source.......?

The idea was born to create such a formation. I had the doubtful honour to think about a pattern. My first idea was creating a "flower of life" in a more simple form


Although the flower of life is a very powerful symbol, carrying the universal energy, I felt it wasn't the right pattern. Afterwards however, it came out the flower of life would become a very important symbol for constructing our sandcircle. We needed the sacred geometry to finally create our sand design.

As told I had the doubtful honour to thing about a pattern.

I discussed this with my friend Nel, who I was phoning with. Without any hesitation and without thinking about it she told me I should use a drawing of her she made eight  years before, and that  was hanging on a wall in my house:




I had no doubt for a split second, this drawing was just the perfect design! On my way to Germany, Richard van Rijswijk called me on my cell-phone, and told me, his little children had been drawing that same pattern on their street, using chalk.  One of those involved creating that formation, a good friend of mine, Robert Tapken, told me he had "seen" this design before, a nice confirmation we had the right symbol.

Days before I have been puzzling houw we could create such a sand formation, for in the field on a bigger surface, their actually are no tools to manage that. One cannot use a ruler or tools like that. Nel however made her drawing without any tools. On a A4 sheet, but after all...

Making use of several computer programs, I couldn't figure out how we could make that formation. It was a drama! The evening before I went to Germany however, I got a brain-wave. I should make use of the sacred geometry, and more specific, (a part of) the flower of life.

As soon as I was aware of that, I could draw the plan of work on paper, to explain the participants how we should create our formation. We should make use of cords.

Here the steps we hade to make:



Besides those that were at present to help creating the sand circle, engineer Horst Grünfelder, a  geomant and a certificated dowser were on the spot as well. Together with his wife Gudrun they had the target to find out what energies  would be involved during the process of creating the formation.

I thank Horst and Gudrun for their job. Horst

Also at the spot was Ute Reinhart-Kemm (GWT Bremen) who found these remarkable things with her biotenser as well


Below the  report of Horst

I of course thank Horst, Gudrun and Ute for their job. Horst for his report, and his allowance to publish it on this website


Translation: Ed Vos

The eye of Horus should be put down in the sand. A big circle was made within it, and within that circle an equilateral triangel, In the centre of the formation the pupil of the eye was positioned. The proportions are according to the golden cut.
Ed Vos brought drawings with him (EV see above) and tools. I was supposed  to look at the energetic values during the proces of creating.

Before it started I inspected that place  on a comprehensive way, and knew ther were energies created bij that work, as well as cosmic energies.

7000 Bovis unities (BU) were rather much to be measured. Even the grid, surrounding the earth knows this number. It actually was a very rare situation I got in. These belong to uninhabited aereas in Russia. Who knows what some of the spiritual collaborateurs were carrying with them.
The feeling of unity between the collaborators however, made my observations rather easy.

First a circle was made. Robert and Ed had the gift, to position the centre of the formation on a crossing of the grid lines, I only told them afterwards. In the formation 6000 BU were measured. A bit less as outside the formation. After that there followed a little adjustment. The three from the triangle cut  parts of the circle only had 6000 BU. Dhe triangle itself raised to  7000 BU. Actualy the surroundings did as well. Something special has happenend untill so farThan a help-line was drawn  as diameter to a point. (again this line intuativaly was drawn on a line of the grid. At that very moment the value of the triangle is 8000 BU. The segments of the circle decreased to 5000 BU. It took a while before the eye was created in the centre of the formation. However  the values didn't change until that moment.

At the end the eye was finished. I started my measurements by the segments. Everything was the same as it was before. The triangle now had a value of 9000 DU. Until so far the outcome was rather significant, but not that really special. Than the eye: I experienced, I couldn´t  find any BU values. I could have command for it, but realized that  should be useless. For a certain reason the eye was totally empty.

We can just guess for this mysterie. Ute Reinhart-Kemm (GWT Bremen) found this  outcome with her Tenser as well.

Than I got a spontainious brainwave:At least there should be information in the eye, and further nothing.

There I found all frequenties of our solar system.
(=l/4) values in cm's measured on the Lecher antenna.

Even the of our sun, the planets, our moon and even those of the pleijades, Sirius B and also of Nibiru. I checked 3 values.It really were some solitair values, not at random choosen out of a more wider frequency band. It became clear to methe cosmos didn't wanted to be judged by means of earthly Bovis values. With tin foil the eye was covered. Between the tin foil and the sand these frequenties weren't to be found anymore. Above the tin foil in the sky however, they still were there, and hadn't changed. The eye of Horus obviously accomplished a cosmic beam towards it. Probably because the centre of the sandcirkel was positiones on a crossing of the grid.

Horst Grünfelder Geomant and dowser


Below some pictures of the persons and their activities:




For me it was a very special experience



© Ed Vos