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Healing symbolstones

(by Ed Vos)

An unbelievable thing: By means of a vision, you get the instruction to paint stones that should heal people, and that may only been given to others in Love. So no charge. After a hesitation you start with it, gives them to family and friends, and as you was told in your vision: They do work! They heal.


This was happening in 1996 to my partner Nel. She regularly sees pictures in visions, but this one was extremely intriguing. Mostly having those visions, she is in “another world” and is greeted by several “Lightworkers” over there. This time however, no one was there. Nel looked around, and was disappointed, she couldn’t see any one. All she could see were trees, mountains and three empty tents, as well as a damped down camp-fire. She went to the campfire, to examine if it still was warm, to see if the Lightworkers had only just shortly left, and might be back soon. Approaching the campfire, she didn’t felt the temperature. She looked into the damped down campfire, and saw on the other side a peace of white garments. Before she could look up high, she saw a white hand, of an adult man, in which 5 white stones were laying, with a typical red symbol. The stones were very beautiful, and Nel asked what it were.

In a telepathic way she was told: “These are healing stones”. Nel couldn’t believe it, and asked her question again. She got the same answer again: “These are healing stones”. She took the stones that were handed to her, and looked at them, and asked her question for the third time, still without looking up high. For the third time she got the same answer again. Now there was an addition to the answer: ”Long, long ago, in ancient times, people gave those stones to each other as a present, out of respect and Love to the other”. And another addition: “They may only been given unselfish out of Love to the others. Without any favour in return. There was also told that everything should be given back to Mother Earth.


How to go on?


The last addition seems clear; The bible says “You became out of dust, and you will return into dust”. But the meaning here is another one: Mother Earth gave us her Love, teached us to experience unity and respect for every thing that lives, and obvious is not living. And at the end, the Love she gave us, has to return to Mother Earth. The choice is ours.


But what about the vision? You have them often, but this one was intriguing, you can’t get it out of your mind. And last but not least, you got the same answer three times. That means you have to do something with this vision. It can’t be ignored. So Nel went to search for stones, just like she had seen them in her vision. The had to be exactly the same, as she had seen them. After a long time, she found them, and the paint as well to make the red symbols on them.


How do the stones work?


The stones are working on their own specific way. It happens, that people cure from their illnesses or complaints, but it also occurs, it won’t work that way, but people get the insight why they have that illness or complaint. It might be a lesson in this live to be worked out. Any way the stones always work in a positive way. We don’t know any case in which they worked negative. They don’t only work on our physic body, but much more, on the more eteric bodies, in which for instances our emotions are, and our physic problems mostly “are born”. If we deny those problems they will become manifest in our physic body.


Nel and I won’t say the stones can cure you, but they can heal you. This because of the experience of a lot of people who used them, and because of our own experiences.

Sometimes, very heavy illnesses may be solved, sometimes not, and is it possible someone gets insight in the reason of that illness, and may grow in development. The stones are also working with animals. An acquaintance of us, owned two cats, of which one died. The remaining cat always did her needs on a cat’s box, but from the moment she was alone, she used the whole house as a toilet, and particularly a doormat. After putting a symbol stone, with the right intention next to the door mat, the cat’s favourite toilet place, she goes on the cat’s box again, as she used to do.


We also got contact with an older lady. We gave her some stones for certain troubles, and she carried them in her pocket. After a short wile, she got a lot of pain in her belly. She went to bed, and next morning she went to the toilet, she did loose some kidney stones.


Another story is about a young boy, never wanting to go to bed. Every evening it was a real problem. And if he was laying in his bed, he waked up very often. After he got a stone, he goes to bed without struggling and sleeps the whole night long.


A girl seeing entities and having a lot of problems with them, got a symbol stone from a friend of us and the problems in the family and at school were past.


As a reaction on my article about the Atlantic jewellery in the Dutch esoteric magazine “Spiegelbeeld” Sept. 2000 (Also to be found on this site), we came in contact with a women, who’s grandchild cased a lot of troubles. The family had always lived a pleasant live, until the child was born. Entities caused this enormous troubles. We advised her to call a specialist in these matters, and to put a stone in the neighbourhood of this child. A few days later the women called us. The troubles had gone.


We gave some stones to a woman, who brought them to a jewellery, to make a necklace of the stones, for both of her sons. One of her sons doesn’t like necklaces, but use did use the one with the stone. This boy also had great troubles with going to bed, and waked up very often during the night. Now wearing the necklace during daytime, and having another stone under his pillow, the problems are gone.


Another person, having a lot of problems with her stool, hadn’t any problems with it anymore, ever since she carried a stone in her pocket.


Stones or something else


Of course, this are beautiful cases, and I can tell you a lot more. But are these results coming from the symbol stones, or something else? It might be a coincident. Maybe the cat might have “thought” even without the stone, using the cat’s box again. Maybe the children might have considered to listen better to their mothers, or did the entities leave for another reason than the stones. Remarkable is, a lot of people, that got a stone, experience significant changes. Statistically much more as could be if it was coincidentally.


There is no scientific proof how the stones work, just as for al kind of other therapies. Scientifically approached homeaphatics don’t work, but we all know the very good results with it. And you can buy them in every drugstore. 30 years ago they were illegal.


During the painting of the symbol on the stones, the Higher Guidance add energies to the stones, and it seems They know for whom the stone is made. At that moment, Nel doesn’t know who the owner will be. Because the stones are made in advance.


It seems like the stones are searching for the right person themselves!


An article or not?


The stones may not be sold, but may only be given away with Love. By us, but of course also by others. There are a few therapists that give them away in right Love and respectful way, and we regularly send them new ones. They are often on public events, so if necessary, the stones will find their way.


It was very difficult to write this article. If the readers of the magazine would like to have a stone, Lennie should make a lot of them, and should be busy with it all day, for a long time. And the costs of the stones, as well as for the stamps to send them by post would be too high. Remember, the stones may not be sold! But it is important to share this information with the readers of “Spiegelbeeld”. We would like to give a lot of people such a stone, but on the other hand it may not cost too much money and time.


So I created a problem!!


The only way to solve this problem was asking the help of “The Higher”, and having faith the problem should be solved. This Guidance, had been a great help in the past and should certainly help me this time again, although I saw no rational solution for my problem.

Anyway, I could make a picture as illustration. If the article should be published, it certainly needs a picture. And, we liked to have a picture of the stones anyway. I didn’t realise, that at this very moment, They started to help me.

Just before the picture was taken, we got a request for help, from a man in America, who knows he will not live that long anymore, because of cancer. He didn’t know about the stones, but of course we send them to him, but after 3 weeks they still hadn’t arrived. I did sent a new set of stones, that should take about a week until he should receive them, and did send him the picture of it by computer. The man, being a dowser, told me he felt a lot of energy in the printed photo. The second set of stones arrived in about a week. Was there a reason why the first set didn’t arrive? Was the reason I had to send him the picture?

I know pictures can have energy, I even work with them, but haven’t realised it worked the same with the stones.


On this moment that picture is several times sent to people, and they all experience it’s energy. During the writing of this article, I got an e-mail of a Canadian doctor, asking me for help for his father in law. The stones should be sent to him, and on the forehand, I did send the picture to his computer.  This man also experiences a lot of energy with it, and he told me he placed it on the screen of his computer, being the first screen to be seen, after starting the machine


Two friend of us, psychics, got a drawing of the symbol from us, and they also felt the strong energy, and told us that just looking to the symbol, it has its effect on the several bodies, as well physically as etericly.

Anyway, I knew what to do next.


The article could be written!


The picture with this article as well as the drawing, have about the same energy as the stones. Now we can share our information’s, and probably more important, the energy of the stones. You can just print the picture and the drawing in colour. The energy still remains.


We like to repeat that the stones are healing stones, and do not always cure your problems. If you use them for one or another physical problem, they might help, but off course we can’t give you promises.  Very often, the stones, drawing or photo, do their job on a total different level.

Just experience for yourself! The stones, drawing and photo aren’t a substitute for medical care, and we advice you to visit your doctor as well.


We wish you a lot of success with the photo and the drawing.


Earlier published in the Dutch esoteric magazine: “Spiegelbeeld” (May 2001)




Adition d.d. 17-2-2002

Besides the stones and the photo, there are printable cards available, with the same effect. 
Click here to go to the printable cards


Addition dd. 26-11-2007:

A well skilled dowser measured with the Lechner antenna a value of 13.000 Bovis on these cards. The normal value is 6.500.
This might explain the remarkable results that are reported with the cards and the stones