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The Kernhem Estate, a mystic power place on the area called “The Veluwe” (Netherlands)


( By Ed Vos)



On the border of the municipals Ede and Lunteren (NL) the Kernhem estate is to be found. Avery energetic area, where, according to the old legends, regularly a white lady (kind of “ghost”) is to be seen. The remarkable thing of this estate is, that a lot of sensitive people, tell it was a very important power place during the time of the Celts, who held their rituals and initiations. Also nowadays, a lot of strange phenomenons are to be experienced, and is Ed Vos, as well as his, on the estate living partner Nel, photographing remarkable light orbs in that area.


Its commonly known in the municipal Ede, there once has been a chapel between the Grotestraat, the Torenstraat, Mart and Brouwershoef, the place where the “Old Church” is situated nowadays. Until for short there was a bookstore close to that place of Mr.Pel, who unfortunately had to close his shop because of health problems. From this place, a so-called leyline, and probably also an under earth corridor, went to the former castle Kernhem, as well as to the place, local known as the “Paasberg”. Mr Pel did a lot of research according to those leylines, and other power structures in this area. For as far it concerns the under earth corridors, of which eyewitnesses reported, is nothing officially known. For a certain reason, no one talks about those corridors. Asking the authorities, they keep silent, but should there be still older civilians of Ede that know about their existence. Just behind the former bookstore, there is a Leyline centre that feels very good, and on which place a chapel was build in the far past. Unfortunately on the same spot people were executed in the past, so that the spot’s energy has partly been disturbed. The leycentre is connected with other leycenters, like the Paasberg, the Driesprong, the Driesingel, Wekerom, as well as the Heilige berg (Transl:Holy mountain) and the Scheleberg. The Scheleberg should have a connection to the Skull Mountain as Golgotha is called in the Bible. All these Ley centres were probably part of a walk around. A route that was walked to get an Initiation. The Kernhem leycentre by the way, is part of the long leyline from Sneek (NL) to Helmond (NL), which is about 175 km long.

The walkaround


Making use of the information of mister Pel,  Willy vandersteen, author of a lot of “Suske and Wiske” strip albums, that are very popular in the Netherlands, published one of the albums dedicated to the Kernhem estate and it’s rich history. It is called “Het Witte Wief” (Transl: The White Lady), in which Mr. Pel also plays his part. The Kernhem estate, is called so because of “House Kernhem” build in 1803, is standing on the estate, on the place where once used to stand a castle. A painting of this castle, in 1785. made by Isaac Ouwater, is property of the community museum of Arnhem. Kernhem is one of the oldest estates of the Netherlands. When the castle was build is not known. The oldest information is coming from drawings made by Winant de Ridder, who was steward from 1400 until 1414 of duke Reinald IV

The oldest known Lord of Kernhem was Udo den Bose, that possessed  Kernhem in 1453 as feudal estate of the Duke of Gelre. It’s well known however, this area was inhabited in 1500 B.C by  Germans Burial mounds still reminds us to that fact. From House Kernhem a lane on both sides having double rows of beech trees,  is leading to a Labyrinth, which centre is marked by a hill. (In Dutch: doolhoflaan, in English Labyrinth lane)  Some people believe this is a burial mound as well. But it is also well known in the very far past, the sun god Kere was honoured there, by priests, dressed in white. The altar, the bloodstone, still reminds us to that. That bloodstone still has a noticeable magical power, and it’s possible in its neighbourhood to have experiences beyond time and space. The name Bloodstone is coming prom the legend, still known in the village of Ede, that if you prick in it, with a pin, during full moon, blood is floating out of it. Probably coming from the sacrifices that have taken place in those old days.


There also are a lot of stories about the  “white lady”, which still should dwell around on the estate, and regularly is to be seen by several people

It considers a noble lady that ever had lived in the castle, and fell in love with a knight. That knight however disappeared on a certain moment, and asked that noble Lady to wait for him. The knight never turned back, and full of sorrow, and distress, the noble Lady died eventually. From that time on, she should be on the search for her lover still, according to the legend. A lot of people should have seen her dwelling around as “White Lady”, if we might believe the legends, but there are also nowadays reports that informs us about encounters with that “White Lady”.




Because several leylines are crossing the area, the Kernhem Estate’s energy feels very strong. Except encounter with the “White Lady” a lot of other light manifestations  are seen and photographed on that estate. Mostly round shapes, are photographed, varying from very small until football sized and bigger. An other kind of light phenomenon’s can be best described as “mist”. Characteristic for this estate, consisting of woods, is the great amount of mushroom circles, that appear every autumn, mostly appearing in straight lines, and of which photo’s were taken that shows energies, that seem to have there “home base” in those mushroom circles. These visible manifestations looks a lot like the fairy energy, as  Marko Pogačnik drawed and described them in his book “encounters with nature beings”. Those Deva’s give the surrounding woods their energy, by spiralizing travelling above them, to return to there departure point, the mushroom circle to refresh, and start all over again.


Map of part of the estate, including leylines (Yellow marked)

  The 1750 metres long lane (About 5000 feet) that connects House Kernhem with the hill in the centre of the labyrinth, is exactly following a leyline. That might be another reason to think that hill wasn’t a burial mound, but might have been  an inauguration place in previous times. A lot of psychics and sensitive people reported, not knowing from each other, ritual inaugurations have taken place on this hill, in the Celtic times.

The inauguration hill


This gives this area another magical meaning. That the energies in this area are strong and healing nowadays as well is very noticeable. Regularly meditations take place during full moon by the bloodstone. This stone however, according to sensitive people is not positioned on its original place. Probably because if this altar was on its original place, on the hill, the energies might be too strong




The labyrinth lane (Dutch: Doolhoflaan) and surroundings were proclaimed the first bat reserve in our country in 1978, and as far as I know, it still is the only one. During daytime, these animals stays inn the wholes of the about 300 years old beech trees, to, during night, following their sonar system, for bats are practically blind, get their food. For that reason, they fly through the labyrinth lane, as well as the other lanes in the surroundings, belonging to the bat reserve as well

The Labyrinth lane

Because of the fact, the village authorities of Ede, want to let that wood grow and develop itself on a totally natural way, pedestrians are pointed on the risk of falling branches by means of warning shields. In this area about 7 different kinds of bats are living, of which one is very popular, and his call-note can be heard frequently during pairing time.


Indians consider bats as standing for the rebirth. The power of the bats was popular by the Toltecs, Aztecs, Maya’s, and other populations. Even until in our time. The bat also stands for the shamanic death. The death of a shaman is taking distance of his previous life and identity. This inauguration is necessary for a shaman, to be allowed to be called shaman, and heal other people. During the shamanic death, the future shaman had to go through all kinds of hard-ships, to become free of old patterns and fears. Bats hanging upside down also is model for rebirthing, and getting free of old patterns. Literally your whole live stands (hangs) upside down. It also is the position of the unborn child, in the uterus of its mother, just before it will be born. Being born, a big change and transformation takes place for the little baby.

Considering this, we can conclude, the bats didn’t choose the Kernhem estate without a purpose. They actually might have chosen it because of the strong energies they obviously felt, and by which,  one can easily travel beyond time and space, to probably get rebirthed

As counts for most ancient places of power, a lot can be experienced. The Kernhem estate seems to be a perfect place for that. Telepathic transmissions go better as elsewhere for sensitive people trained to do so. It’s also possible to travel beyond time and space as shamans do; travelling between the upper- and the underworld.

Kernhem has all in itself  to be the perfect place for such shamanic travelings, but also for other spiritual or esoterically experiments. Just walking through the woods of the estate, in, or not in meditation, the Holy pure energy is very recognisable, with its healing possibilities, for which reason it’s very good to be there.




It’s common knowledge, a lot of energies can easily travel along leylines. It’s also accepted UFO’s make use of these energy lines to travel. In the middle of the night, in the summer of 2001, a lot of people, that were on a camping site at the Kernhem estate wake up as a sudden because of the noise that can bee explained best as that of a helicopter, Although the sound was much much to slow for the rotation speed of its wings. So that aircraft can be excluded. There was also a huge light to be seen. Some  people gathered at the entrance of that camping site, and witnessed this event. Remarkable is the wild pig at a sudden began to scream on a way that was never heard.

Also remarkable is, sometimes as light phenomenon’s are seen, or crop circles appeared, there are reports of extraordinary , very strange behaviours of animals.

Besides these phenomenon’s as UFO’s, lightorbphoto’s, and seeing orbs with the naked eye for sensitive people, it’s a pleasure to be in the energy of this estate, with it’s long history, being  one of the most powerful places in our country. Not without a reason ritual inaugurations took place just at that very spot.


Earlier published in the Dutch esoteric magazine “Spiegelbeeld” April 2002




The "Viskom" (Transl: Fish-Globe)

The Viskom is a hole with water west of the estate. It can be compared with the "Solse gat"because of the energy and also because of the shape, a smaller and a biggher one, connected by a narrow part

It is the hole where Suske and Wiske jumped in in the stripalbum "Het Witte Wief" to escape for Udo den Boze (a bad knight). Udo den Boze by the way was the first known historical landlord. He possesed the feudal estate of the duke og "Gelre".

The Hanenpol

The Hanenpol also called Hanenbucht is a hill in the woods west of the House Kernhem. It is surrounded by a moat. Together with the Viskom it was a sunobservation device in the bronze age, to follow the movements of the sun

De Hanenpol of Hanenburcht is een heuvel in het bos ten westen van het huis. Het is omringd door een gracht. Samen met de Viskom vormde dit in de bronstijd een zonneschouwplaats waar men de loop van de zon gedurende het jaar kon volgen.


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