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The World of the Deva’s.

(By Ed Vos)  



In our childhood a lot of fairytale’s are told, and is the world of gnomes, elves, fairy’s goblins and fauns very normal to us. It fits in the world of our experience, until you grow older, and you are told it all is just fantasy. But is this true? Are the all products of the mind of story makers?


We have all heard about people talking to trees, and their plants. It comes out, if you pay attention to vegetables, they grow much better, give  you a better harvest, and the quality is better as of those vegetables, that didn’t get it. Sending energy to trees and plants seems to be very useful, and even whole woods, being ill, can be cured by means of this energetic help. In fact, if we are communicating with trees or plants, we make a connection with the Deva belonging to the.


Kinds of Deva’s


There are several kinds of Deva’s. To explain about Deva’s I will restrict myself to a tree. Every tree has his own specific Deva, who takes care the young tree will grow out to an adult one, and gives it, it’s unique shape and form. The structure of the roots, the trunk and the branches are all given their shape, by the Deva, belonging to that particular tree. This conciseness form, as Deva’s are, belongs to that specific tree, and the Deva, or tree ghost in this case, is indissolubly connected. It is like the Deva lives in the tree, and that is exactly how it is. This Deva hasn’t any contact with other tree, not even of the same kind. Deva’s do know a development on consciousness level. A more developed Deva is less “tree tied”, an can be responsible for a whole wood, and is like a manager, a chief for al those tree Deva’s. There as also a Deva for the city, in which the wood is situated, one for the country, and so on. So Deva’s know a hierarchic structure. Elves play a total different role, the take care of the energy supply of the wood. They have a energy point from which they go up high, and move over the wood in spirals, and come back to the energy point again, to start the whole ritual again.


Can we see Deva’s?


It depends on it. For Deva’s are living in other dimensions as us, and we normally can’t look further than our own third dimension. But there are people who can see them after all, because they increased their frequency,  and can look beyond the third dimension. It’s also well known, children are standing close to nature, and have a much better contact with Deva’s as adults. Very interesting is the fact, Deva’s can be captured on photographs, mostly like lightorbs. On that moment, an interaction takes place between the photographer and the Deva’s. A contact on the level of consciousness. And really, a kind of communication is possible. I right tuning in is important, for instance doing a meditation. The contact is most easiest on places of power where leylines come together, en is the best time of the day during sunset, although interaction with Deva’s also were possible on other places and times.


What is the use of Deva’s?


A very human question. It’s nice there are Deva’s, but what use do they have for us? Of course they maintenance our nature, and take care for keeping the woods healthy.

In that case they have a beautiful task. But there are situations in which we can ask for the help of Deva’s. Deva’s also work on humans request. For instance if a forest is ill, the Deva’s would like nothing else than making the forest healthy again, and need our energy on a telepathic way. So we don’t have to talk to them, it’s more bringing over our intention. In fact we are communicating on the border of two realms, ours, and that of the Deva’s. Communication is only possible if we are well in balance. Our energy bodies have to work on the right frequency to make the contact possible.


During the time of Atlantis human and Deva’s worked together. The humans were the male, the Deva’s the female component. But the humans misused the Deva’s for their own profits, even for making war. In the Ramayana, a Hindu text there is pointed to this fact as well. It even was the reason why Atlantis drowned. The spiritual hierarchy of our planet disconnected the Deva realm from the humans, to take care, this could never be repeated again. Since about 25 years the connection has been made again, but it’s impossible now to use the Deva’s for our ego purposes.


The St. Andrea’s Burst


A nice application of the positive work with Deva’s is the neutralisation and canalisation of riscfull spots on Earth. Mrs Christian Hummel for instance has been working with the St Andrea’s Burst in California. She was asked by master Deva’s tot make a Deva network along the whole coastline of California, and to make a connection with other Deva networks. In thought there should be visualised a waving line, and that should be given to the Deva’s, with the request to decrease the Burst’s stress, or to transport it to  less crowded places. After installing these networks, the earthquakes only appeared in the desert area’s! And, not only that, A lot smaller earthquakes happened near the north and south borders of the Deva network. Probably one big earthquake was now spread over a number of less heavy ones.


The “Solse gat” (Netherlands)      (Translation for “gat” is hole”)


In the neighbourhood of the village called Putten, close to the hamlet “drie” you can find the “Solse gat”, of which there is a legend once there was a monastery where a lot of evil things took place. Once during a thunderstorm the monastery should have sunk into the earth. The place even nowadays doesn’t feel good at all. The hole is real swampy, and that in the middle of a forest! At this spot, I worked with some people to raise the energy, working together with the Deva’s, and a nice thing is, that it’s really possible. But there are still some entities that are not easily brought into the Light. But the Deva’s are very helpful on that spot.


Deva’s affect time and weather


It seems almost to fantastic to say, but Deva’s indeed can manipulate time and weather. I know a Dutch woman who’s very afraid of driving her car during bad weather, such as heavy rainfall, and so on. She really  can change the weather. Once I went into a cropcircle in England with her, and the dark clouds didn’t predict something good. The woman asked for help, to keep it dry. We stayed in the formation for about 2 hours. As we went away, and reached our car a very heavy rain was falling. The same occurred during the eclipse of 11-8-99 as we visited a Dutch powerplace. There were a lot of clouds, so we thought we couldn’t see the eclipse . But, this woman asked the Deva’s for help, and for a short time the clouds opened, exactly on the right time.


The American woman, Christan Hummel tells on her website, about a friend of her, who drove into a heavy fog. She asked the Deva’ help, and the fog went up high until some inches above the car’s roof, so she could see the road clearly and reached her home save and sound.


Another story, concerning time tells about the mother of Christan, a typist at the courthouse, and got a job to do of 132 pages, that should be typed within 6 hours. Her maximum was 6 pages an hour. An impossible task.

In panic she called her spiritual teacher, who told her not to worry, he should send Deva’s to her. She had sight on the clock, but she didn’t pay attention to it. The time seemed to stand still, but her staple papers grew and grew. As she was ready she had 40 minutes left.


Instructions of the Deva’s


Although the Deva’s work the way we suggest them, it sometimes happens that especially the higher Deva’s ask for our help. I earlier told you about the Dutch woman, that can change the weather. Because of her co-operation with the Deva’s she also has influence on woods and vegetation. Living in the Dutch area “De Veluwe” she regularly goes with her dog into the woods, and healed a particular area. After some time it came out that the trees and vegetables became healthier as the wood on the other side of the path, which she didn’t has asked the Deva’s help for.

I told you about Christan earlier. Now she got the request to send energy to the centre of Los Angeles, and got 3 locations from which the energy should be send by 3 people, and it should be pointed to a special crossing of roads. She was wondering how she could gather 3 people in such a short time, she didn’t even now the locations, and where they were situated. By coincidences she came in contact with people that could help her, and she got the information were the locations were situated. She did her job, but had doubt about the result. A Deva “told” her she should get proof the next day, and so it happened. A reporter was making a program exactly on the crossing Christan pointed the energy to. He was surprised about the nice and clear weather, because the had predicted rain. The day before they measured wind speeds of 70 Km/h. Later on this reporter went into a helicopter, and told you could see from Palos Verdes unto point Maku. This were two of the locations the energy was send from.

The forgotten realm of the Deva’s still has a lot of surprises for us


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