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Atlantis and her meaning in our time.

(By Ed Vos)


Was Atlantis a myth or a reality. The scientific answer on that question still hasn’t been found yet. According to a lot of esoteric, sensitive people, channels, psychics, regressiontherapists and a lot of others, it’s clear that this drowned continent once existed. In this article the author,  who is convinced there once was that great continent called Atlantis, describes which relationship, that disappeared continent, has with our modern time.


In his “Critias” Plato described the chronicles of Atlantis. The story should have been told by Solon, who travelled to the nowadays Greece (Hellas) in ca 560 BC, and heard from the priests of the Goddess Neith of Sais, the protection Goddess of science, that  the old temple archives have been written thousands of years before.

In these archives was told about a continent behind the pillars of Hercules, that was drowned about 9700 BC.

Nowadays, the common thought is that with those pillars, the street of Gibraltar was meant. It’s certainly not without a reason that the ocean over there is called the Atlantic ocean, and there are hughe under sees mountains found in it. So it’s very obvious Atlantis once laid in the Atlantic ocean


In this article, it’s not my target to try to hand you scientifically proof, or something like that.

But, remarkable is that in a lot of old books, one of the best known is the Bible, is told about a great overflowing that changed the surface of Mother Earth dramatically, and reduced the amount of people to a little few         


How was the Atlantic human


In the beginning there was only peace and harmony in Atlantis, just like in the older continent Lemuria or Mu. People lived in peace and harmony, and communicated mostly by means of telepathic transmission. They sometimes used their voice, but they hardly used words. The voice in fact, was only used for making healing sounds instead of speaking. The voice was a very important healing instrument in those days, just as other vibrational energies. For instance magnetic energy transmitted through the hands, sound and light therapy and the use of smells from incense and so on. The general communication took place by reading each other’s thoughts and one reacted on the received information by transmitting telepathic thoughts back


Also the body, that we call our physical body was less heavy, very much less in weight, and more transparent. The early Atlantic body was build out of ectoplasm. Seen from our point of view nowadays, the Atlanteans were privileged, and they really were in a lot of things.


What went wrong in Atlantis?


The Atlanteans lived a harmonic life, but, on a certain moment they researched their lives. Their bodies became heavier. In the beginning there was no difference between man and women, but now the bodies developed physically as man and women. Until this time children were “given birth” just by the power of thoughts of several people, that concentrated themselves on the new live and by means of that created, manifested, a new individual. Later on this became a sexual act as the bodies became heavier and heavier. In fact, the fist sign of duality was born.

Because the Atlanteans got to do with sexuality now, they also started to experiment with animals, and for that reason the strangest creatures appeared. You can even find notes about that in the  Bible and other old books. The duality grew, and they got to deal with the good and the bad. Respectively the “sons of the One” and the “sons of Belial”. The duality, or polarity has grown from her childhood to an adult fact. In the mean time, Atlantis also got technical equipment, and the technical developpement grow faster and faster, and after a while they had such a technical knowledge and equipment, we could be jealous of in our times.

The Atlanteans  for instance had transporting devices with which they could travel through the air as well as under water. They were also able to make intergalactic travelings and filled their transporting devices with energy, “fuel”, from a distance, just like we send energy to our nowadays televisions using a wireless infrared remote control.

Besides this knowledge, the Atlanteans also had the capability to heal others by using all kind of frequencies, like sound, light, resonance, as well as by means of the voice and words.

The spoken word has become a way of communication  now. The telepathic transmissions, used in earlier times to communicate, became less important.


One also knew exact at what moment one should die, and was “carried” by a special configuration of bodies. Four people laid themselves on the ground and the dieing person was put on them. In this way it was more easy to travel into the other realms.


You can guess, that as well the technical as esoteric knowledge, can be used for good purposes as bad ones. And that’s exactly what happened, and ended the existence of the Atlantic continent. The sons of the One and the sons of Belial grew further and further from each other. The duality was complete, the end nearby.



The end of Atlantis


As we can see in our times, techniques and energies can be used in both ways: the good way or the bad way. Just think for instance at our nuclear energy. It was the same in Atlantis. The sons of the One only wanted to serve the good way, the sons of Belial wanted to posses everything, and thought they were much more as God. As you can imagine, there was a complete duality. The sons of the One wanted to serve the community, and did their job in the positive way, to reach their higher purposes. The sons of Belial, wanted to rule over everyone, manipulated others just to raise their very own material possessing.


Obviously the sons of the One, had a crystal in a pyramid with which they could supply great parts of Atlantis with energy. The sons of Belial wanted to posses this energy, and experimented with it, not knowing the exact details. Details that are very important if you are dealing with those high amounts of energy. We can compare it with a chemical process. At a different temperature the process might work quite different. Also the addition of a small amount of a wrong chemical may cause a very dangerous reaction. Something like that took place in Atlantis.


Atlantis in our times


Not without a reason, I pointed to those things that happened in Atlantis. There are a lot of connections and recognitions with our nowadays time. A time we all know to well.


In the beginning there were only a few people on earth. The main activity was hunting, and other kind of things to get food. It took the whole day, and rules and laws didn’t exist, except of course the universal rules of nature. There was no money either.  People build simple places to sleep, making use of the materials that could be found in nature. They hadn’t to ask if they might build such a simple resting place, nor did they need to ask if they might build it on that very spot. The earth’s surface wasn’t the property of anyone. Neither did they have to pay a rent for using that particular place. How different as we look to our time. There are even some guys that sell pieces on the Moon! What an arrogance, thinking The earth, the moon or whatever planet should be one’s possession.

Seen from this early days, we can see a time line that shows us the splitting between poor and rich, the powerful and the suppressed people. More and more duality slowly walked in, in our life.

Slowly the items good and  bad appeared, according to the definition as we use them nowadays. Of course we needed them badly. Light cannot exist if there is no darkness, you can only experience cold if you know what warmth is. So polarity does have a functionality. As humans we try to keep those two sides in balance, and just as it counts for our personal live, it counts for Mother Earth as well. Mother Earth, we are part of, and who we feed with our energies. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to find the perfect balance between the positive and negative aspects of life, or trying to find it. If we look to the world around us, we can see some people have totally lost all the connections with the positive aspects, and fanatically are busy with destructive cases. The wars, as we know them, are very often fought under the name of a God, and are the visible proof of it. Fanatically believing only in positivism is as fatal as well. Finding the right balance seems to be essential.

Just like in the Atlantic time we now have reached a turning point of the balance. Remembering the sons of the One and the sons of Belial, we only can conclude we have to deal with this aspect as well.

Because of the fact, we are feeding Mother Earth with our energies, this all has its effect on our planet, the planet that tells us we can’t go on the way we did, and expresses it by means of earthquakes, overflowings and other nature disasters. Looking back to the past decennia, we can only conclude, those dramatic nature disasters raised their frequency and intensity. A sign on the wall! It’s the same with wars and acts of terrorism. The whole world shivered on 11-9-2001. However, we should try to see what the meaning of that event is, and coming to the insight we are living in a special time, and have to look to those events in another way the media wants us to look at it.

It’s remarkable   nowadays a lot of people incarnated that lived in Atlantis or Lemuria, that was like Atlantis in a certain way. There are also a lot of people  that have remembrances of Egypt and Mexico, places a lot of Atlanteans  went to, as the continent began to sink.

In that time Negativism won from the positivism. We now are getting our last change!

It’s good to experience that after the attack of 11-9-2001 on the twin towers on Manhattan a lot of people were working with the Light, and this on a world wide level. It was good to experience for Light workers that a blanket of Compassion, Love and Light was spread out, covering Mother Earth. It’s a promise we are all there for each other, and Mother Earth. Let’s all shine our Light around Mother Earth and all the people living on her, being part of her. Let Love and Light rule! A lot of Atlanteans and Lemurians are on Earth now, just for that purpose


Earlier published in the Dutch esoteric magazine “Spiegelbeeld” Dec 2001





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With thanks toWouter Wylin for the several illustrations.