Gegraveerde appels 2015


14-08-2015 Purmerend (NH)

From Alice van Breda we received the photos below. Alice had 5 apples on her fruitscale (Jona Gold). Only this apple had engravements, These engravements enlarged themselves later as can be seen on the photos.
Interesting is Alice documented this all very well by means of photos. Also good to be seen is, that after peling of the peel, the lower pulp wasn't affected so there wasn't any rotten process involved. A characteristic by the way, for the phenomenon. She saved the peels for a while, wrapped in plastic and aluminium. On the pictures  some particles of the aluminium foil are to be seen.

















14-07-2015 Nieuwkoop (ZH)



From Henny Florissen I received the photo's beneath. It also concerns a "Jona Gold" apple. Henny had more apples on her fruit scale, but only this one was engraved.



Appel Henny Florissen




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